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Some Ideas on minor changes/fixes
28-03-2014, 06:13 PM (This post was last modified: 29-03-2014 10:38 PM by drsteuber12.)
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Plague Inc Some Ideas on minor changes/fixes
Hey guys, I need your opinion on this.

I've been playing the zombie plague beta for some time now, and noticed some minor issues.

- First, the colour which identifies the dead and the zombie are too similar. I struggle seeing if a country has more dead or zombie in the bar which is on the world map, thus, making me unsure if I should use resurrection or not. I hope others who played the beta understand what I am saying.

- Also, the ability bar on the left side seems to be somewhat small, causing me to accidentally clicking an unwanted ability. That's probably just me being clumsy, but It would definitely be better if it was slightly bigger

- I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but it would be nice if the 'metabolic hijack' perk could also pop the 'zombie icon' as well

- This is just a suggestion, but it would be nice if the the city view had zombies and corpses in chaos & destruction photos.

- Also a minor suggestion but , the Z-Com fortresses on the world map could have some smoke/ parts collapsed when it is destroyed by the zombie horde.

- The zoom-in menu should have more purpose; so far, zooming in while playing can cause missed DNA pop ups and it serves almost nothing for the player.

- Finally, this idea won't be such a minor thing, but it would be awesome to play as the 'other end' of the game.
Instead of being an all-powerful-being to destroy humanity, we could play as a country (or Z-COM, etc) attempting to prevent the disease from wiping out the humanity.
For example, the player will be provided with the news and the scientists (and research/money allowance to replace DNA points) to defend a chosen country (or the world).
The player will have to respond to the disease's mutations/transmissions (for example, killing birds as respond to bird transmissions, etc) and will effectively achieve victory once the disease/zombie has been wiped out.
The rate of mutation, ability and transmission will be corresponding to the difficulty of the game, from casual to mega-brutal.

I'll post more if I find/think of anything. On the other hand, what do you guys think?

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