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Game Mode: Cat and mouse
04-04-2014, 09:56 AM
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RE: Game Mode: Cat and mouse
(31-03-2014 08:32 AM)emeseles Wrote:  One thing that I always thought would be fun in Plague Inc is for each mutation to require a new seed location, just as when you start the game. Every time you put together a new version of the plague, you have to pick a country to start it in.

This leaves a bread crumb trail and where the 'cat and mouse' game mode comes in to play. The CDC / WHO / Whoever is attempting to find a cure for the virus and to do that they need to identify patient zero. They have to correctly identify each country each new strain of the virus has come from to collect samples until they have enough data to deploy the cure.

Deploying the cure would work just like spreading a virus, you'd pick countries to drop it in to and watch the cure spread out, racing the virus's mutation.

This game mode also lends itself to a multiplayer scenario. A player playing the cat trying to catch the mouse would be able to analyse countries using funding points and use that to detect variations in the strains and hopefully track down mutation points and gain further funding from countries that are not crippled, much like X-COM's member nation budget.

The CDC could even have a technology tree like the plagues have, which allow them to combat the spread of the disease, detect it when it enters as a new strain, deliberately cut off modes of transmission, such as plane air filters, ship water filters, killing migrating birds or just collecting them for testing, etc.

The plague side of the game is already so rich, I could see this sort of spy vs spy style mode being a lot of fun to play with my friends and I hope others feel the same way.

It would also be possible to extend this to many plague multiplayer too, where warm uninfected bodies are the currency and vying plagues need to move fast to spread as quickly as they can before another plague takes over that country. You are also competing against yourself as previous iterations of your plague will still be burning themselves out in existing warm bodies.

Also I apologise if this is already on the todo list. I read somewhere that only 50% of the games ideas were even implemented yet.


Great idea - really interesting to read and well thought-out!

Not sure if we will be going down a "fight the Plague" route just yet - think this would be a major, big twist on the gameplay - but your idea on different mutations being seeded in countries is very cool Smile
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