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Question regarding pricing
12-05-2014, 02:11 PM
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RE: Question regarding pricing
(11-05-2014 10:24 AM)Wmplynig Wrote:  Another example is that on the Russian market, the game is 299 Rubles - this is the equivalent of £5.06.
Manganman - I usually use Paypal for Steam purchases, but there is no option for buying the game from other regions in Steam and the game is not available anywhere else. For example, if I could buy a Steam code direct from the developer, it would cost me $14.99, not the $20.20 that Steam want to charge me....
So buy it indirectly, it isn't illegal.
I frequently buy games from dev's/resellers/retail shops to save some cash.
Here you got one deal on e-bay (but still it isn't a deal to me, because it cost me 46 zlotys):

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