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(Idea/Suggestion) Multiplayer PvP
17-05-2014, 07:08 AM (This post was last modified: 17-05-2014 07:22 AM by clark5231998.)
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Lightbulb (Idea/Suggestion) Multiplayer PvP
So... I got an idea for multiplayer. A PvP for 2 players. Here are the details:

Player 1 (The Plague)
-Starts the game as usual
-Fights the cure as usual
-Can see the enemy cure points (Player 2's DNA points?) besides his DNA points for statistic reasons
-Can see what the enemy player has deployed on a specific country (Just like checking stats on a country like normal
-Send a "fake illness" to a specific country. (SeePlayer 2 details below) so that when player 2 sees an "increase of <symptom>", he will/won't conduct a check up. And if he does use (or waste) his cure points, he'll only find out that it is an ordinary case of the <symptom>.

Player 2 (The Scientists/Cure) (This is the interesting part)
-Starts with a notification "<Name and Plague Type> starts in an unknown location"
-Players use "Cure Points" to unlock stuff on 3 tabs (Replacing Infectivity, Symptoms, and Abilities)
-Cure points will refill over time and not needing to pop bubbles (to focus on the search since the world is big) *See abilities below*
-Use Cure Points on:
*Detection: Used to detect the plague on a specific or group of countries with different types of check-up intensity (Success Rate of finding the plague. Ideally 3 kinds: Quick check-up, Normal check-up, or intense check-up with different success rate and costs)
*Government: Actions done by the government on a specific or group of countries (such as martial law, execution of infected, distribute masks, curfew, or authorizing a specific event depending on the plague type).
*Abilities: Abilities of the cure (Some will be unaccessible until the plague has been discovered). Here you'll find upgrades to increase cure point refill, increase of maximum cure points that can be held in idle, research speed for a specific country or group of countries, understanding a random symptom, and more

What can player 2 do on the map:
-Observe each country. (It's like Player 1's info on specific country)
*In here, you can receive stuff like:
--Increase rate of <symptom> by <%> since <date>
--Death caused by <event or illness>
--Death rate increased by <%>
**This way, player 2 knows where to assign a check up. (Could be a "fake illness")

What do you guys think? Reply what you guys think. I hope this idea gets noticed and I want it to be on both mobile and PC (Mostly on mobile). I'm new here and just wanted to share my ideas. Thanks
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