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New Ideas
24-05-2014, 02:50 PM (This post was last modified: 24-05-2014 02:56 PM by basshunter.)
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New Ideas
Hi guys, firstly I hate you because I am totally addicted to this bloody game and it is GREAT and I cant wait to see how the game will "evolve"

ANYHOO some ideas

Transmition type- I noticed on the Zoonotic infections that Simians are not on there, would it not make sense (as they are our closest evolutionary cousins) to have infection from primates. After all humans and the great apes share some types of diseases including SIV (in primates) which is HIV in humans, or Monkeypox which is a variant of smallpox which can also cross species.

Also a new plague type

may I introduce you to the virus of our nightmares


Infection type- Haemorrhagic Fever
Country of Origin-Africa (Zaïre and Sudan to be exact)
Transmission vector(s)- Bats and monkeys


sore throat
chest pain
abdominal pain
skin rash
patients may begin to bleed from needle/injection sites as well as into the skin and stomach, intestines, and other internal organs.
Excessive effusions from internal organs occurs, followed by pulmonary interstitial edema and renal dysfunction. Some patients become jaundiced. About 15% of patients experience hiccups when infected with Ebola Zaire; 38% develop bleeding.

furthermore; Patients who are at greatest risk of dying experience diffuse or extensive haemorrhage into the skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs, including the cavities of the stomach and intestines. Swelling of the spleen, lymph nodes, kidneys, and brain occurs. In addition, there is usually evidence of interstitial pneumonia and sometimes of pancreatitis and inflammation in the eyes. By the end of the first week of acute symptoms, the patient can bleed freely from the eyes, ears, and nose. Patients begin to vomit a black "sludge" of blood and disintegrated internal organs. Capillary leakage results in vascular collapse. Patients experience coma and convulsions, followed by respiratory distress, and finally death.

This would be a challenging disease (possibly scenario) as it tends to be what we call a "fast burning" virus, so any transmition would have to be quick. Also due to it's high and rapid kill rate. It would also be an idea to make the cost to spread via airborne transmition expensive in terms of DNA points because it does struggle to make the cross (hence why we are still here lol)

Also another idea for a transmition type would be sexual reproduction, after all, we only have to look at HIV to see how quickly it spreads and how effective it is

Lastly and it is only a nitpick really (sorry, i'm biologist and its in my nature lol) But the noticing of new diseases I think is a little quick, whilst it is there to make the game challenging it is unlikely that researchers would begin to look into a new pathogenic disease UNTIL it has claimed it's first death. (HOWEVER this could be balanced out by smaller and more frequent breakthroughs, especially from the developed countries such as the UK, The US and EU countries)

just some suggestions guys let me know what you think, and as a microbiologist if you need any help on the pathological side please let me know, and i'll be will to help you. Smile

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