Poll: Should Ndemic make an aids scenario
No, its bad for the kiddies
Yes, most kids are probably old enoug
Yes, but make it age restricted.
Yes, but make it PC exclusive, because most PC players are older
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Aids scenario?
26-05-2014, 08:51 AM (This post was last modified: 26-05-2014 08:59 AM by helix-fossil.)
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RE: Aids scenario?
Yeah, like what they said about COD (target demographic: adults; actual: children).

But there is nothing wrong about the AIDS scenario. Aside from children asking what the vector of AIDS is (sexual contact), we can use blood contact (Blood 1) as a vector of transmission instead of explicitly saying sexual contact.

EDIT: Just found out that there is also condom resistance as an ability (probably the virus replicating in contact with rubbery surface). However, since most minors know about sex (there are also reports about twerking children circulating around the Internet), the AIDS scenario probably won't be very controversial to minors.
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