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Special Plague idea - "Matter-disturb pathogen" [New Symptoms update 2.0]
03-06-2014, 12:01 AM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2014 03:04 PM by Stickend.)
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Special Plague idea - "Matter-disturb pathogen" [New Symptoms update 2.0]

"Description of pathogen to be added"

Tier #1:

-Water #1: Infects water particles with harmless bacterias, increasing infectivity by water. (Unlocked from beginning)

-Water #2: Harmless bacterias recombinate its plasmid with water, making bacterias part of the water component. Highly increases infectivity. (Unlocked after Water #1)

-Mold: The pathogen infects Mold, creating spores burst and increasing infectivity by air. (Unlocked from beginning)

-Heat: The spore burst manages to disturb heat composition (by specifical heat concept) making it capable of change meteorology. Highly increases infectivity by air and hot countries. (Unlocked after Mold)

Tier #2: (Unlocked after Tier 1)

-Acid Rain: The rain produce through infected water and an altered heat composition an infernal and painful rain. Increases infectivity in humid countries. (Unlocked after Tier 1)

-Ground absortion: The ground is infected with the acid rain-bacterias, and starts to mutate into a culture of all kind pathogens. Highly increases infectivity in rural and urban countries. (Unlocked afer Acid Rain)

-Lava absortion: The infected particles advances through the ground until reach lava, infecting and making vulcano explosions. Starts to change Earth Natural Matture. (Unlocked after Acid Rain)

Tier #3: (Unlocked after Tier 2)

-Inner Core Infected: The pathogens attachs to the iron and nickel which forms the Inner Core of Earth, infecting all kinds of matter, through water, air, fire and Earth to the smallest particles, causing devastating Natural-infecting disasters. Highly increased Infectivity. (Unlocked after Tier 2)


Tier #1:

-DNA Absortion: The plasmids of bacterias from water composition attach to Human DNA, making it capable of change his genetic code. (Unlocked after Water #1 Transmission)

Tier #2:

-Peptic ulcers: The stomach and small intestine suffers from Ulcers caused by bacterias that have infected water. Increases infectivity through Feces. (Unlocked after DNA Absortion)

-Stomach Cancer: A malignant cell-infected growth causes Stomach Cancer. Increases severity and starts to be a lethal pathogen. (Unlocked after Peptic Ulcers symptoms) OR SPECIFICAL SYMPTOM Infected water-human composition: The water-infected bacteria literally joins Human composition, increasing infectivity throught every body fluid.

(The next symptons only appears in case you have choosen previously "Infected water-human composition" symptom).

-Powered Nervous Impulses: The water-infected bacteria recombinates with the electricity produced by the body nervous. Increases severity.

-Electric Shocks: The water-infected bacteria now has reach the entire Central Nervous System. The bacteria allows human to assimilate more amount of electricity without harm through electric shocks. Lethal in some cases.

-High voltage assimilation: The humans who survived the Electric Shocks can now bear voltage attacks superior to 10.000 volts.

-Electricity Conduction: The human can now throw small electricity volts from his own body.

-Energy absortion: The human is capable now of absorb large quantities of energy, increasing the volt-resistance.

-Pure-energy human: The human can fully assimilate with any electronical component, increasing his power and transforming into an electric menace.

Tier #3:

-Fever: The body heat changes to 42º C, producing a constant fever. Increases severity and starts to be a lethal pathogen. It also slows the cure research (Unlocked after Heat Transmission).

-Spontaneous Combustion: The pathogen raises body heat to 1700ºC, causing an instant death. (Unlocked after Fever Symptom) OR SPECIFICAL SYMPTOM Meltdown: Some vital organs starts to melt, causing a painful death.

(The next symptons only appears in case you have choosen previously "Meltdown" symptom).

-Organs Scleroderma: The melted organs reappear extremely fast covered by a strange kind of connective tissue, increasing his resistance to any external and internal injury. Increases infectivity by physical contact.

-Progressive increase of body heat: The body hait starts to raise little by little. The body assimilate the changes thanks to his new connective tissue. Increase severity.

-Fire-resistance: The human body is now completely immune to fire, making no harm in it.

-Igneous Shell: A full igneous shell cover the entire body. If there is contact with an ordinary human, will be burned by physical contact.

-Fire blast: The oxygen breathed through new lungs make from exhalation a fire blast.

-Liquid Nitrogen recombination: The fire transform into liquid nitrogen inside the body. The great opposition between temperatures allows the human to make everything with fire, from explosions to burnings.

Tier #4:

-Xeroderma Pigmentosum: The skin suffers several damages due exposure to light, causing skin cancer. Highly increases infectivity (Unlocked after Mold transmission).

-Osteogenesis imperfecta: The bones have changed his composition, converting them into extremely fragile bones. Increases severity and is a lethal symptom (Unlocker after Xeroderma Pigmentosum) OR SPECIFICAL SYMPTOM Cells Replacement: Human cells are replaced by Plant Cells. Also start to replace blood by chlorophyll.

-Tissue Replacement: Epithelial tissue is replaced by tough botanical tendrils. Increase strength but also severity.

-Limbs evolution: Upper and lower limbs can now reach 2 meters. They also developed special glue to attach any surface.

-Insects Niche: Little insects, like wasp or bees lives inside the human body. They protect his host in case of danger.

-Poisoned leafs: The human has now poisoned leafs all around the body. Any contact with another human supose him necrosis.

-Radioactive oxygen: Oxygen produced by poisoned-leaf human unfold a high amount of radioactive oxygen in more of 10 km away. Approach to this its almost impossible without dying.

-Pathogens recombination: All kinds of pathogen fuses now with this natural hazard, making now a completely dangerous biohazard menace.



-Plasmid Recombination: Allow pathogen to change human properties. (You need this to be unlocked before ANY Specifical symptom)

(...To be continued)


This pathogen would allow human to have superpowers inspired by the four elements (Fire, water, Air and Earth). These are the basic ideas, and I will continue adding new Symptoms, Transmissions and Abilities to this list.

Who can humans die, if they have superpowers? Easy, making them fight each other for the supremacy to death.

I know, its a very ambitious plague, and its like from Science Fiction... but may be nice and fun. What do you think?
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