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call peta
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(04-06-2014 01:09 AM)tawraste Wrote:  Hi everyone,
Has anyone had any luck with this achievement?
So far, I can trigger "kim shardakian buys pugapoo dog" every time.
This is how:
Start off with
Meta hijack
Trans stasis
Genetic mimic

Nipah scenario (of course)
Any difficulty
I use unlimited cheat, works without it.

Evolve hendra
Evolve horse 1
Devolve any mutations
Be patient

This is all I have so far. Just can't kill the dog!
The CDC website says that transfer of nipah to dogs occurred through the food chain, so I assume maxing out the pig traits is a must.I also think the dog trait is a must.As for the kill, I am exploring the "barking pig" set of symptoms but I am not succeeding.The CDC say mammals such as dogs and horses die from respiratory problems such as barking pig syndrome (pug? Syndrome) and meningitis related nervous system problems. 

Any ideas?

Genes - cytochrome surge, aquacyte, translesion, genetic mimic, extremophile.

1. Evolve hendra, then horse 1. Wait, devolving any symptoms, until you get the first pop-up. This can take a long time - out of 5 runs it only popped while India was partially infected one time. The longest was at over 3 billion infected.
1.5 Stop devolving symptoms. Allow symptoms evolve gradually - do not buy any.
2. Evolve dog, and swine 1, 2, and 3. No other transmissions will be evolved.
3. Evolve both drug resistances, both genetic hardenings, and cold 1 and 2. Order makes no difference.
4. Wait, keeping an eye on days until cure. When days until cure hits 160 or lower, evolve genetic shuffles. I popped the accomplishment 5/5 times in a row with this strategy, and needed the shuffles three times.
Theory - I believe that in order to trigger this accomplishment you need to keep the US reasonably calm, and be very patient. I suspect that the country being too disrupted is the limiting factor. By allowing symptoms to evolve instead of buying them, the disease progression is slower and less disruptive. Limiting transmissions I believe is also helpful reducing disruption, since it avoids triggering horse slaughtering and fruit burning actions.
5/5 successes getting the achievement on casual difficulty, on the android mobile app.

This is a great guide from yo its spicy
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