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Special Plague Idea Catalogue
08-06-2014, 09:37 AM (This post was last modified: 16-11-2014 01:44 PM by tau1996.)
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Special Plague Idea Catalogue
This is a catalogue for fully developed ideas for special plagues.If you created a thread about a special plague-than add it to the coments-I will add it into the "main block"
It was created for:
1)So that players wont accidentally 'reinvent' old ideas
2)So that ideas wont be lost in the large Thread List
'A cool plague,that produces super heroes and anomalies'
2)Digital Virus by tau1996
'A computer virus,that destroys the world'
3)Crysstaline Blight by tau1996
'A killer mineral,guest in plague inc'
4)Sanguine Plague by tau1996
'The zombies are not the only ones who like to destroy the world...'
5)Pandora plague by ordenkarla
'A plague that turns people into...what?Pandoracts of course!'
6)Vine Plague by tau1996
'Are you afraid of plants?No?Well,you must...or die"
7)Hyper Psyker Plague by tau1996
'Everybody casts spells today'
8)Memetical Plague by tau1996
'A meme that destroyed the world'

The rules for an idea
1)You must give a full Transmission/Symptom/Abilitie accaunt
2)You must invent a special 'gene set'-like the necroa gene set
3)You must give a short story about the plague
4)You should invent an enemy (like the Z-com)
5)You should invent a set of achievements
6)No 18+ content,no copying other peoples ideas
7)Of course,you must name your plague))
8)You must tell about its picture (each special plague has its own picture-the neurax brain,the necroa head etc)
9)You should add more info,like the difference between the PC and mobile ideas.
10)If you are a skilled musician,like Abetus,than you should create a musical theme for your plague
11) You should invent several news lines for you plague.Each special disease has its own special news,and even some Scenarios have them.

Why should you invent an idea
1)To help Ndemic
2)To exersize your brain-to be creative
3)To be proud,that millions of people would play the plague you invented
4)If you are a writer or a biologist,than thinking about your object in a creative way would help you understand it
5)Its fun!!!)

Where should you start?Dont think only about microorganisms.Think globaly!Maybe you should invent a 'day of the triffids' style plague?Or a 'killer radiovave'?Or a cyborg invasion?Or a giant ameba....
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