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[New Game] Hackers Inc.
22-06-2014, 05:49 AM (This post was last modified: 22-06-2014 07:03 AM by Virus X.)
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Biohazard [New Game] Hackers Inc.
So, I was playing Plague inc and this idea just pops into my head...I was like I need to tell this to Ndemic Creations!.

Players begin a level, they have a choice of which program to use, (Example: Anonymous - this would give the player lets say less FBI awareness.) there would be 7 Choices. The map would be the world from above view (obviously) like Plague inc. It would be the same GUI setup. Except Disease would be replaced with Hacks or Hacker. And World would be replaced with Government and FBI. And the in game money will be: Code Fragments.

So the Hacker button would be same setup but with new upgrades. It would consist of: Hacks - which will show you how powerful your hacks get as you upgrade. Then there would be a Cracking Tab - which makes upgrades for how powerful you crack into larger networks as it would include: Virus - easier to break into larger government files, Spyware - which prevents you from getting detected and allows computer tracking to crack passwords, and break into bigger country networks. Malware - Which infects a computer with spam and malfunctions which would delay being detected by the FBI or police. And the last one would be Bugs - Which is a very cheap but deadly upgrade, it bugs every computer within your country you selected at the beginning and unlocks bigger computer networks like the USA Government. Another Tab Would be: Programming. Which that tab will contain the following upgrades: Debugger - Stops FBI Tracking, and halts all government activity for 50 seconds. Meaning... Super easy to crack decently sized computers. Firewall - This is a powerful upgrade which slows all FBI and government attacks on your computer and filters all incoming bugs, viruses, attacks, till the government gets stronger. (THERE WILL BE A LOT MORE JUST NEED SOME TIME TO THINK)

Hackers inc difficulties Would include: Basic - FBI doesn't look out, Government networks have no firewall, and people don't have antivirus protection. Protected - FBI only after you once hacked 1 country, Government networks have a small firewall, Citizens have 25% antivirus protection. Extreme - FBI on lookout for you, Government networks have strong firewall, Citizens have 50% antivirus protection. Super-Extreme - FBI knows where you are, Government networks are protected behind 2 firewalls, Citizens have 100% Antivirus software and anti-Bug protection.

Hackers inc includes the following modes:
Normal - The original, hack all the computers game
Speed Hack - Race against time to hack everyone before you get caught

IAP $5.99 - Government Mode - Play as the government and protect your network before the hackers break in! This In app purchase also includes:
> Start with 20 Code Fragments! <
> Unlock all Special abilities for every Program! <
> Begin a level with a random upgrade to level 2! <

You hit multiplayer as the second option on the main menu and it brings you into a lobby where it allows you to choose a mode and difficulty. Once you choose what you want you hit the button: FIND and it puts you into a lobby with up to 3 players. When it starts it will be just like the game only with multiple people helping, Each player will get there own world and they must compete. Who ever gets the farthest wins! and the players that lost loses Sad. It works like that in all modes except Government mode, In government mode all players become the government. and every bubble you pop divides amongst your team and you must work together to beat the hackers!.

1. This is just some basic stuff I just ran out of name ideas for the upgrades...
2. All upgrades will have a level 1,2,3,4 maybe 5 each gets more expensive and powerful
3. For some reason I made the game icon too. If you want to see demo of it email me.
4. IAP will be avail.. Just didn't think about that part yet
5. I am not a dev myself I take some classes on game coding for intermediate, but don't think I'm some professional.
6. If you like my idea please contact me at:
7. Once you contact me about this I will be very pleased...
8. If you guys in the future make this game... This idea is all for you (I don't charge money) just make sure to give me credit at the bottom of
start page.
9. This is JUST a suggestion not a demand or anything like that Tongue
Thanks for reading my post (If you do!) Tongue
- Virus X
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