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Achievement question (Nuc. Retal. - no cheat)
03-07-2014, 09:32 PM
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RE: Achievement question (Nuc. Retal. - no cheat)
(22-06-2014 06:19 PM)Amancham Wrote:  Hey everyone. Stupid question, I am sure, but has anyone here gotten the Russian/Chinese Nuclear Retaliation on any normal plague? (NOT the immune plague we had before they changed it to cheat modes rather than the three cheat plagues.)

I've been trying for days now, to get the Chinese one. Russian I did, using the immune plague, but they don't exist anymore and using the immune cheat you can nicely get through all the events, but since you were using a cheat, it does not unlock the achievement. I do know all the steps and what to evolve to get there eventually, my problem is, that the events take forever to trigger. Without immune cheat, they mostly find a cure before the president is even taken ill. I once got as far as getting Spalin elected for president, with everything working in my favour, but that was the end of it, because then the cure hit. XD

I've tried several attempts. Killing them slowly, the event triggers but the cure catches on, killing them faster, the event doesn't trigger, as it seems. I'm not a total newbie, I know my way around most of the disease types but I really can't get it done. And yes. I tried casual, and different combinations of genes (e.g. genetic mimic). Outcome stays the same.

So here is the question to everyone out there having played much longer than I have: Is it possible to achieve the Nuclear Retaliation events without using cheats and thus unlocking the achievement?

Or is it only possible with the cheat and the achievement not unlocking is a bug?

At the moment the achievement appears to be glitched.

I am currently working for Spicy Gaming. I love to play Plague Inc. and have currently have been playing it for 2-3 years by this point. My dream is to work at Ndemic Creations and be a creative designer and work there! Big Grin
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