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Shadow Plague Mega Brutal - Cure Rate Impossibly fast
11-08-2018, 11:12 PM
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Shadow Plague Mega Brutal - Cure Rate Impossibly fast
I am playing the Shadow Plague scenario on mega brutal.

I started in Greenland killed everyone, went to Iceland same, evolved all the rage stuff and killed all the Templars. I killed all of Australia, NZ NG Caribbean, Canada, Zimbabwe and Norway. I ended up with 9 lairs and 1536 DNA to next one.

Over 1200 DNA on hand.

Plenty of points to win right? NOPE!

I evolve all the transmission except Zoonotic Shift. I add all the vampire stuff for increasing plague to spread and add symptoms including those which are supposed to make it harder to cure. I continue and before any of the labs appear the cure hits 20% I move about to USA, S-Am, Africa Russia, Japan, Philippines spreading the plague but in the mean time and BEFORE any labs have even been made the cure hits 100%.
And the plague is not spreading as it should. It only does maybe 40% of everyone with a lot of people not infected. This seems wrong since the air born, water born, and such should be making the whole planet infected like wild fire.

I managed to win ONCE and I recorded it. I had Zoonitic on for that one.

I tried to the same things I did again and nope the game just laughs at me and cure
hits 100%.

I went to evolving ALL the symptoms in one go including the slaves. No dice same thing happens cure is exponential.

The cure rate even with drug resistance and ALL the symptoms which are hard to cure is stupid fast.

Save Game files saved before adding symptoms posted in my pCloud here:
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