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Shadow plaque imbalanced
17-04-2019, 07:21 PM
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RE: Shadow plaque imbalanced
(09-04-2019 06:26 PM)Flamefire Wrote:  This one is especially hard to impossible. Even on easy I cannot stand the templars. One time I took down all bases but the last without the vampire taking significant damage but now even the first base will kill it.

Tried the strategies (blood rage from start, kill templars asap) but can't go past first few bases.

And even then the game seems to be only winnable by farming hundreds of points over hours.

Why is this so hard/boring? Would be slightly better with an ultra fast mode to lower the waiting time but still...

I've got the same issue. I think its a bug because another time the vampire was tougher and I could finish a game. This sucks hairy balls! Also no sound!
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