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Evolution 2 - Full Change log for update 0.5.5
28-02-2014, 08:55 PM (This post was last modified: 28-02-2014 08:56 PM by NdemicJames.)
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Cure Evolution 2 - Full Change log for update 0.5.5
Exciting news - major Evolution 2 (update 0.5.5) is now live! It adds the mind-controlling Neurax Worm - an invasive organism that burrows into the brain of its host to control them!

The Neurax Worm is a brand new plague type with new graphics, music, events, and victory conditions - requiring very different strategies. Living deep in the jungle for thousands of years, human advancement into its natural habitat has brought it into contact with humans for the first time and given it the means to spread...

Plague Inc: Evolved - Evolution 2 (update 0.5.5) full change log:

New additions:
  • Neurax Worm plague type
  • 3D brain view of Neurax Worm
  • Neurax music and sound effects
  • Info boxes for neurax worms
  • Message box for update changes

Fixes :
  • Replay system upgraded to work with Neurax
  • Sound settings storing data right.
  • Sound on slider in options fixed
  • City cam on new game fixed
  • End Game share message link changed.
  • Key research contributors list fixed
  • Random bubble delay for Red bubbles added
  • Country pie chart - total saying 0 when all dead fixed
  • Genes not using correct button fixed
  • Controls page in settings fixed
  • Tabbing in and out of game causes gpu issues - Fixed.
  • FPS lock for high spec computers (will fix overheating)
  • Improved texture management for game (related to tabbing in/out game)
  • Text fixes for a number of event messages.
  • Several XML errors fixed
  • General performance improvements

  • New system to ensure unlocked plagues kept after updates.
  • More difference between evolved and available to evolve icons
  • Score screen - default view now friends
  • Removed 'Evolution State' tooltip over techs
  • Gene Unlocks - now being remembered as future diseases.
  • Difficulty unlocked changed to normal for plagues, brutal for cheat plagues.
  • Bubbles places relative to starting/plane landing positions.
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