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Please fix the prion
15-02-2020, 05:16 PM
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Cure Please fix the prion
In real life prions are just a bunch of missfolded proteins: No DNA. Because of this some things should be changed in-game. Messages like "Prion DNA has been detected" or pop-ups about the cure such as "[disease name] genes manipulated" could easily replace "Genome", "DNA" or anything like that with "Aminoacids" or "structure".
Also "Genetic ReShuffle" could be replaced with either "Aminoacid ReShuffle" or "Prion/protein ReFolding"- I know this just a finicky thing, but I think this changes are necessary because of the sense of realism that the game tries to evoke.

And well, this is just another nit-pick, but a unique icon for neuronal atrophy would look pretty good. Same with "arid" or "rash". That poor icon is too overused
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