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Ready Check in vs
17-05-2020, 05:42 PM (This post was last modified: 23-06-2020 03:30 PM by LeXei.)
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Ready Check in vs
You should change the ready check system in versus mode. If a player does not do a ready check the game should not go further and the lobby should get disbanded. This will stop players who are afk from joining a game by accident since the wait time can sometimes be 10 minutes or longer and one might have go to toilet or what not but don't want to cancel que risking wait time reset.

Currently when opponent found it asks for a ready check but only to go to game sooner if both players are ready. If you don't ready check the game goes on anyway. Then begins the country pick phase. If you don't pick anything here the game randomly picks you the country and the game starts.

Why it's such a harsh system right now is because the wait times are occasionally really long I've been queuing to a game over 30 minutes several times and I don't think it's really reasonable to expect people to sit tightly and watch the wait timer for half an hour or so without losing focus on anything other.

Now the punishment varies. If you get a highly ranked opponent obviously you lose less points but since there is no mmr system going on and you might get let say a beginner this is more severe. From 1 occasion I've lost about 20 points give or take a few where as you only get 1 or 4 points from a win.

If you want to argue that people should be punished for being afk on the que I can understand it but I don't see that it's necessary in a game where there is usually only 20 to 30 active games at weekends and around 6-12 on week.

For those who just play for fun this won't be an issue obviously but if you wanna have fun and climb the ladder this becomes an issue.

Since there are at least 2 points when the system basically prompts for afk why does it consist on going on to the game. I can't imagine winning a player who isn't playing against you really enjoyable even while you do get free points.
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