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Biohazard Multiplayer
As much as I waited for multiplayer a lot of time, I want to know how it'd look like, to know if it's worth waiting or not

- How will co-op look like? Do you share the same disease, or 2 diseases in 1 world? How many players will be able to play 1 game of co-op? Just 2 players, or much more, like 8? Or is that the hosts' decision?

- How will competitive multiplayer look like? Are there 2 diseases in the same world, and whoever kills the most, wins? Or are there 2 worlds, and the first one to destroy their world wins? Or is it humans vs plague? How many players will be able to play in one game?

- IF at co-op, you share the same disease, do you also share the same DNA points? Or do the players have seperate DNA points?

- Will we be able to communicate in the game with chat, or do we have to with Steam messages? If there will be a chat, will one be able to mute another?

- What about speeding the time? Let's say, me and another guy have just begun a game, and I want to increase the speed to >>>, while that other one wants to keep it at > or wants it to >>? How will this work out?

If you do answer any of these, thanks in advance. I hope I have also given the developers some ideas. Final question

- How many updates before multiplayer comes out? Is there a date of release for multiplayer? Or not yet?
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23-07-2014, 08:56 PM
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RE: Multiplayer
Speeding up time is as i think wont be included.
For CO OP it could be good to request to change from > to >>>.

Tag! You've died from a biohazard virus!
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