Poll: How should the additional data be shown?
As a bar or graph in the page for each country.
No graphs, but state increase values in the Plague evolution screen (or somewhere else).
I have a very different idea (Please post)
No additional data should be provided.
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Towards a More Descriptive Interface
10-08-2014, 03:30 AM
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Towards a More Descriptive Interface
Really enjoying Plague. Basically an improvement over Pandemic in every way Big Grin

At the moment, region-specific infectivity increase is invisible, and as such the following facts aren't known (these are just some examples).

- How do Rats increase Infectivity in urban regions? Flat amount, some percentage of base infectivity? By how much?
- What about the base stats? Starting in a hot region seems to start you off with a cold weakness and some resistance to heat. But how much?
- How does the Bacteria "resistance to all climates" work, and how powerful is it? Does it only affect the transmission reduction effect from arid, humid, hot or cold climates and nothing else? Or is it a buff to "All".

My suggestion is as follows:

When you click on a country, display specific infectivity, severity and lethality as bars, with the base infectivity showing as one color, and any bonuses or maluses as different colors. When you mouse over it, it would tell you, for example "-30 infectivity from Hot Climate, +15 infectivity from Rats in Urban environment" as a list.
Or, you could only show bars when a stat is different from the base.
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10-08-2014, 01:05 PM
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RE: Towards a More Descriptive Interface
i think the point of bacterial resilliance is that it is cheap and can be combined with symptoms and transmission to obtain global coverage without buying heat or cold.
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