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Cyber Virus
11-08-2014, 08:18 AM
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Cyber Virus
Im not exactly too sure how many people this could attract, but i feel like there needs to be some sort of game or game feature where you can spread a Cyber Virus across the internet. The story behind this plague is that the world as we know it is becoming more and more technologically advanced and that our pursuit to globalize the world is giving more people access to internet and technology. In the midst of these pursuits, we have given terrorists and criminals access to technology they never had access to in the recent yes. And because of this, these terrorists are able to infect the world with a Cyber Virus.

In todays world, technology dominates our lives. Just take a look at medicine, education, politics, military, careers, economy, etc. It is no doubt that a massive Cyber Virus plague would be most devastating to the survival of our race. In this plague you'd have access to infecting stock markets (which leads to actually causing the stocks to crash, thus resulting in economic riots and anarchy), Medicinal Technologies (Implants, Pacers, Scanning Machines, X-rays, etc. In this case the virus forces medicinal technologies to malfunction and could eventually lead to the death of millions of people), Automated Farms (I have no doubt these sort of farms exist. Ive seen automated greenhouses being set up in once-hostile territories. If the technology used in these farms failed to work, there could be a wide spread famine and could lead to death of millions).

Though you would think humanity would be able to do without technology... wrong, technology makes our lives easier, allows us to save lives, and helps protect each other.


Email 1: The Virus can latch onto random emails sent by the visited sites. Even though the virus is present, the recipient's computer/ technology may filter out spam.
Email 2: More virus is present within emails and increases the chances of a recipient to click on an infected email
Email 3: The Virus is free to infect all sorts of email and begins to infect general emails not blocked out by spam filters
Email 4: The Virus is no longer restricted by spam filters and targets emails not filtered out by spam filters greatly

Media 1: The Virus is present on media from uncommon video-hosting websites. The Virus however, can only infect something if the media is downloaded
Media 2: The Virus can now be caught just by viewing the content regardless if you download or not
Media 3: More common web hosting sites (like Youtube, or Vimeo) begin to become infected with the Virus
Media 4: All common forms of media on the internet are susceptible to the virus

Extreme CyberBiome: The Virus spreads across the web hosting site and to other sites upon the successful uploading of infected media

Shared Content 1: The virus laches onto files on a recipient's computer thus increasing the chances that such file is shared with other people
Shared Content 2: The virus infects a greater amount of files at once via the "Find Similar Files" option
Shared Content 3: The Virus itself is able to infect a greater amount of files via the computer's boolean search system

Extreme Transfer: The Virus is active in all forms of person to person exchanges

Exchange 1: Internet currencies have a small chance to contain the virus (stuff like Bitcoin exchanges)
Exchange 2: The Virus replicates more depending on the amount of virtual currency transferred into the main system or another person's virtual wallet
Exchange 3: The Virus is present no matter how much currency is transferred


Subconscious Access: The virus targets softwares and processes largely unused by the victims computer
Unhidder: The Virus targets files on a victim's computer that are greatly unused and invisible (Meaning they are there by default and are part of the computer's default system. They can't be edited by the average person or system)
Decrypter: Invisible and Encrypted files are decrypted, thus increasing the risk of information to be accessed

Outsourcing: The Virus steals obtained information and leaks such information across the internet

Anti-Firewall: The virus forces the firewall to jam if the firewall or any similar softwares (Little Snitch for example) attempt to deny the Virus access to certain areas of the computer
Hacking: The Virus violently hacks into the system once the firewall has been taken down. This increases the risk of other viruses to make their way onto the computer
Destabilizer: The Virus hacks into more important areas of the system, forcing it to shutdown. Files that were once protected by anti-virus and certain areas of the system are now open for the taking

Code Breaker: The Virus Destroys sections of code and replaces with its own code, allowing the Virus greater access to certain things

Hexadecimal Infiltration: The Virus begins to hack into the system's code
Code Suppression: The Virus attacks sections of the code and suppresses it, thus decreasing the outcomes generated by the attacked section
Shutdown: The Virus attacks into the Matrix and forces the very computer to shutdown all while the virus is still active inside. The virus can then attack more things while the computer is shutdown

Nuke: The virus implants a series of "bombs" that destroy massive sections of code and rend the computer useless"

Anarchy Code: The virus triggers the computer's defences and turns its defences on its own system
System Betrayal: The virus forces sections of the code to latch onto the Virus and give it exclusive control over the affected areas. The code is willingly being manipulated by the Virus
Re-Admin: The Virus forces the system to reset and handover ownership to the virus


Patch Breaker 1: The Virus protects itself with a masking code, hiding itself to make it seem like the virus is not present. Slows down future patching progress
Patch Breaker 2: The Virus is able to move around the system while hiding inside a masking code, the virus able to further prevent being spotted
Patch Breaker 3: The Virus can multiply if threatened, sending its code to various sections of the computer. The virus can maintain control over the computer even if a certain section of the system has been patched
Patch Breaker 4: The Virus attacks and paralyzes patching attempts and can infect the patcher's computer

Economic Growth: The virus latches onto economic technologies and can being monitoring the stock markets
Stock Unbalance: The Virus can cause certain shares in the market to flourish
Stock Instability 1: The Virus chooses a preferred stock in the market and begins to make that one richer and the others poorer
Stock Instability 2: The unbalancing act intensifies, the virus starting to critically affect the stock markets
Stock Crash: The virus can cause the stock market to crash

Career Application: The Virus infects technologies at the work place and disrupts some of the minor processes done by such technologies
Minor Malfunction: The Virus forces the affect technology to malfunction in minor ways
Major Malfunction: The virus forces the technology to malfunction in more major ways
Rogue System: The system is manipulated by the virus, the virus deliberately causing malfunctions which could risk the lives of human beings (Construction site malfunctions and Medicinal Technologies)

Military Enlistment: The virus bypasses military safeguards and begins to monitor military activity
Military Takeover: The virus becomes more violent and begins to takeover Military systems
System Takeover 1: The virus begins to gain control over Military systems and can use such systems against the Military
System Takeover 2: The virus gains more access to Military systems. Systems in Armouries, Federal Jails, and Nation Security branches begin to be controlled by the virus
System Takeover 3: The virus gains more control. Defence systems become manipulated by the virus

WMD Arsenal Takeover: The Virus takes control over government-controled systems such as EMPs, Missiles, Nukes, BioLoads, and Experimental Scientific Systems (Like LAARP, HAARP, LRAD, Orbital Weapons, and Satellites)

I really don't know what you guys would think about this kinda of plague. There are four ways you can win this plague.

1: Take over the technologies of the world and force humanity to serve you as their new leader
2: Take over the technologies of the world, expose government secretes and give the world the peace it deserves
3: Destroy all technology and let the world suffer
4: Take control of Government weapons and use Nukes and other weapons to kill everyone
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