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The NARVIK virus from HELIX
11-08-2014, 08:40 AM
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The NARVIK virus from HELIX
I've been watching Helix ever since the start and I LOVE THE SERIES. I love where its going and all and its fantastic. Here is a little sample from the Helix wiki:

NARVIK is a virus developed by Hiroshi Hatake at Arctic BioSystems. It comes in two forms:

NARVIK-A has a nearly 100% mortality rate.
Narvik-A is a virus constructed to alter the DNA of the recipient, for an as of yet unknown end-goal. All subjects infected die as a result.

NARVIK-B has a 100% infection rate and 0% mortality rate.
Narvik-B is another attempt at the Narvik strain that alters the DNA of the recipient. Initial results show victims infected with the B strain have their consciousness overtaken by primal instincts, and have an urge to infect others through mouth-to-mouth contact - these victims are called Vectors . Other bodily fluids can also infect the target.

Collective behaviour is not unlike a pack of wolves, in that there is a dominant member of the collective, and they hunt as a group. With high agility and strength, they are able to traverse deadly terrain with high effectiveness.

Vectors have a unique type of vision that allows them to detect whether a person is infected, or is one of the Immortals - if it is the latter, they immediately become passive and subservient in behaviour until they have retreated a safe distance.

Cryogenically freezing a victim infected with Narvik-B shows to have a good effect at slowing the effects of the infection, allowing more time to pass before behaviour becomes aggressive and dangerous to others.

In the series the Vectors are manipulated by the Virus... but not in the way you think...
The Virus transforms them in into more intelligent beings and gives them superhuman powers like, increased running speed and enhanced jumping abilities. Plus the virus grants Vectors to come together as a community and hunt down prey with extreme prejudice.

I know the Simian Flu and the Necroa Virus Plagues had abilities similar to this, but we have to remember that the Simian Flu targets Apes and the Necroa Virus Targets the Undead. In the Neurax Worm the virus manipulated the host. Here in the NARVIK Plague the virus still manipulates the hosts, but it also gives the host new opportunities and abilities which grant the Vectors to spread the virus in new ways. While in the Neurax Worm Plague the Worm dominated the host, the NARVIK virus gives the host the ability to control their own doings using the given powers.
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