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Paranoia Plague
11-08-2014, 10:03 PM
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Paranoia Plague
A virus who's symptoms mainly target the brain (note: all the rest of the body is then affected). I've seen that all of the plagues have symptoms that range across various types: Nausea, Sneezing, Sweating, ETC. but I've never seen any virus that targets one major bodily function.

In the Paranoia Virus, the virus latches onto the brain just like the Neurax Worm and is able to control the host. Unlike the worm, this virus finds pleasure in causing mental instability in humans. The fun and unique thing about this virus is that Paranoia-based symptoms overrule the rest of them, and you can actually cause some pretty serious problems through evolving the Paranoia-based Symtoms. I mean through paranoia you could increase the hosts alertness, thus forcing more energy to go to primal survival instincts than everyday-used motor controls. This would render hosts sluggish and incapable of doing certain things. In this case, basic reasoning becomes obsolete and people become more prone to putting themselves in harms way. And when they do, they lack the basic motor controls to get themselves out of harm.

The hosts memory can also be affected, and can render humans useless if memory loss is paired up with Paranoia-based affects. Eventually the symptoms force the brain to shutdown vital sections like breathing and heat regulation so that the energy goes towards primal instincts. This will eventually cause heart failure, respiratory failure, and a long range of other body-wide problems.

The virus can also drift away from paranoia-based symptoms and force the host to do certain actions more often, like walking or lying around (this would be like the obsession symptom in Neurax Worm. The game randomly decides which task is done more often). Dopamine levels are greatly reduced and the host succumbs to literally NOTHING. Hosts now become slaves to life and no longer have anything to live for. Wait to die... pretty much

There are several ways to win this plague:

1: Infect everyone and make them so Paranoid all energy goes towards being alert. People get themselves into trouble and get killed
2: Infect everyone and make them slaves to life. They will most likely die of exhaustion if they are walking forever, die of starvation, die of being overweight (if the virus forces eating disorders onto the host), and some other causes
3: Trigger Insanity-like symptoms which forces hosts to attack one another
4: Stress them do death. Stress increases blood pressure which can be fatal. In this case just stress them till their heart explodes.

Lemme know what you think
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