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Nano-Molecular Replication Virus (NMR)
11-08-2014, 10:17 PM
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Nano-Molecular Replication Virus (NMR)
The NMR Virus is a lab experiment horribly gone wrong. The Nano-Molecular Replicator is a government-made nano-sized machine that is able to scan the Molecular structure of various objects and is able to replicate them. Its like printing money... but instead you are printing materials. Because of its size, the NMR is incased in a glass container and is hooked up to receiving box via cable. The box receives the replication information from the NMR and upscales the replicated material. Sounds great huh?

Well, the glass container accidentally breaks and cuts patient Zero, the NMR entering inside. It then lodges itself somewhere in the body (The Brain maybe... or anywhere else if you feel). Through damage sustained from entering the body or through a glitch, the NMR begins to replicate various materials whilst being inside the host's body.

Here is where things get serious. The NMR can replicate things but the things are too small to be seen or manipulated by humans, so Humans had to create the Receiving Box and hooked it up to the NMR. Without the RB, the NMR actively deposits the created materials into the body.

Like all technology, the NMR can be controlled... this is where we come in. We "Control" the NMR inside the hosts (or we could just be the NMR... ._.).
Because the NMR can create things, materials can be created to aid the NMR (Wires latching onto the brain, Metal to enter the bloodstream and whole bunch more stuff). It can even create other NMRs and can send them through the bloodstream or into the Urinary tract. NMRs can now be transmitted through bodily fluids like Piss, Semen, Spit, and Blood. Each NMR has the ability to create new NMRs.

You can release Acid into the bloodstream and destroy red blood cells, Cause an Instability in PH throughout the body, give the host lead poisoning, create shards of metal that threaten to harm organs, destroy and reconstruct the various tissues in the body (Connective, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous) thus resulting in CyberTechnic Humanoids, or impale the host from the inside out via massive shards of created metal (Note: More symptoms would be added if they come to mind)

Watcha think?
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