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Bioincendiary Virus
12-08-2014, 12:47 AM
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Bioincendiary Virus
BioIncendiary referes to the ability to create fire with one's own body. Much like electric eels can create electricity with their bodies, humans infected with this virus gain the ability to create fire... however, the fire is not created in the human's favour Smile

What makes this plague extremely awesome and unique is that virus secretes a variety of different chemicals into the body which can cause different problems: Acid Wear, Internal Combustion, Explosions, and The Drying of Internal Tissues

Symptoms would start out quite minor and would resemble perhaps some heat-caused boils on the insides of the flesh, some Gastrointestinal Reflux (HeartBurn). But it will eventually lead to fires being lit inside the bloodstream which causes rapid and fatal internal combustion and internal bleeding. Chemicals can also be released through the skin during sweat (same with the virus), thus allowing the area around the host or even the skin itself to catch fire (and the virus can also be transmitted)

Lemme know watch think.
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