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Who is for the immunity? Offer the ideas of immunity!
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Who is for the immunity? Offer the ideas of immunity!
My idea about it:
1 . Standard immune reaction is casual treatment after which it is more difficult to infect the person.
2 . Evolution. People gradually develop immunity. Operates as cure on the territory of one country. The priority of development isn't necessary. As priority for immunity the number infected (speed higher when the country is infected completely) serves.
Starts treating (slowly) on reaching 50%.
This characteristic is in the game universe pandemic
3 . Natural selection. The more is infected/died the catches/dies people less. That is, when in the country there was 1 person, he will catch through bigger quantity of time than others.
4 . Wonderful treatment (sharp evolution). The window in which it is said that the person unreceptive to S % is found emerges. This person will accelerate medicine creation, and directly is not to kill him. It is possible to arrange anarchy.
Population growth/reduction.
Its increase can affect both crisis and economy growth.
If you consider that it is difficult here the link:
There are pathogens on an equal basis with viruses and bacteria such as: the Archaea (cause caries), actinomyces, mycoplasmas, protozoa, cyanobacteria, seaweed and subvirus particles (purely DNA or RNA).
Besides that I already wrote, together with infected, healthy and dead it is possible to add the people possessing immunity. In process of growth of quantity of the infected the quantity of the immune will grow. In the beginning every second will have immunity, and to make the quantity of the immune less it is necessary to make severity level higher.
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