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Suggestions Based on Attempts for the Achievement Super Sparrow
16-08-2014, 10:30 PM
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Biohazard Suggestions Based on Attempts for the Achievement Super Sparrow
As I still attempt to get 3 bio-hazards in every single plague type I have thought of some interesting ideas to make this game mode, and all game modes for that matter, more enjoyable. So here they are:

1. Plane/ship crashes: if most or all of the world is infected and slowly dying who is to say the pilots of planes or the captains of ships don't croak before making it to the destination. This could make it so there is another chance to infect islands.

2. Immigrants: now this is kind of already in the game with border crossing but if you think about how people leave Cuba and travel to america the same could go with going from an infected country to a non-infected island. There are borders on islands but they don't seem to have a purpose, so if the borders are open refugees could flood to these safe havens along with the infection.

Beginning to notice a pattern in my suggestion? Tongue

3. Upgrades to the Final Reports: When trying for this achievement if I win I normally end up with 2 bio-hazards without know exactly what I needed to do better like a chart of marks to make the minimum score for 3 bio-hazards.

For example:
365 days or less - Failed
20% or less cure developed - Passed
Gene Complex - Passed

This would make it easier to look at and see okay well I developed enough symptoms maybe I should work on the infectivity a bit sooner. Just something to make the player go okay so I just need to tweak my strategy a bit and I should make it.

That is all I can think of at the current moment but this is a decent amount of ideas to get the discussion rolling, I know there are others out there just dying from Super Sparrow. Thank you for you time to read this and hope to have a healthy discussion here.
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