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Nipah Virus - Mega Brutal 3 Bio Symbols
17-08-2014, 01:59 AM
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Nipah Virus - Mega Brutal 3 Bio Symbols

ATP Boost - need a fast start
Aquacyte - Greenland/Caribbean are hard to infect
Base Oxidisation - Mutations that promote more mutations!
Sympto-Stasis - Focus on getting the cheap symptoms and mutating costly
Xerophile - Kazakhstan is slow


Before the game starts properly (before closing any pop-ups or bubbles)
• Bat 2
• Swine 1
• Nausea

Pop the red bubble then continue to evolve the following IN ORDER
(maximises chances of better mutations and gets the fastest infectious start)
• Coughing
• Vomiting
• Dysphagia
• Sneezing
You want a Minor disease detected, not major, so only one lethal symptom allowed. Also, as the disease picks up, you want Cold 1/2 and Drug 1/2 as a main focus so the Nordic countries can infect Greenland, but if high or low lethality is an issue, that must be addressed first. Wait for the first mutation and do the following: NOT IN ORDER
• Bat 3 (if no random mutation of transmission)
• Pulmonary Oedema (if no other lethal symptom is out there)
• Cold Resistance 1/2
• Drug Resistance 1/2 (I always wait for the plane to the USA for 1)
4. AFTER MINOR DISEASE IS DETECTED (IMO reset if anything else detected)
Watch for a sneaky Pulmonary Haemorrhage mutation, but otherwise pump up the cheap infectious/lethal symptoms and work on Environmental Hardening. I like to get Genetic Hardening 1 at 1% cure, but sometimes isn't necessary. Also, I like to slow the game down cause everything happens fast and every moment matters for the exponential infection.
• Respiratory Shift
• Haemoptysis
• Pulmonary Fibrosis
• Dyspnea
• Tachychardia
• Drug 2 and Environmental Hardening if not done already


The guide is really based on your mutations and infections at this point.
The most important things I lose the game to are not infecting Greenland (Not enough transmissions mutated) or Lethality that is too high or low. Too low takes too long and too high interrupts infectivity.
On one hand, you want to kill within a year, but on the other hand you need to infect everyone first. Also, you have very little time before Genetic Shifts start making Abilities and Transmissions expensive, so prioritising can be hard. I find that 2-3 Transmissions can be bought before expenses are too much. If the cure is exponential, you must address this with symptoms and abilities (the cure must be below 55% at end game). When Genetic Shifts are high, it is time to fill out all the cheap symptoms, whatever they are, and I like this order:
• Hendra Traits (I do this earlier if a lot of Transmissions mutated)
• Encephalitic Shift
• Headache
• Nuchal Rigidity
• Fever
• Seizures
• Photophobia
• Blurred Vision
• Drowsiness
• Confusion
If you don't have all the transmissions mutated by now you may have infectivity problems. If you don't have enough Lethality you will kill the world a month too late. If you have too much Lethality, then Kazakhstan, China, Canada or Iceland will likely kill before full infection. If the cure is too high, you have to focus on Memory Loss / Hallucinations / Coma / Genetic Hardening 1/2/3.
• Transmissions in priority order: (Horse 1/2, Dog, Bat 4, Swine 2/3)
• All the Symptoms (Watch Kazakhstan especially before full Lethality)
• Genetic ReShuffle as needed (Most games this is not needed)

If Greenland is the loss, more transmission earlier, especially Cold/Drug
If Kazakhstan is the loss, you need Horse 1/2 earlier (Earlier Hendra)
If too long, you need lethality quicker
If too lethal, watch your mutations and countries before hitting high lethality
If cure is the problem, honestly, it is more likely lethality is a problem. When you kill 3 billion people, the Genetic Shifts and Cure Progress go down dramatically.
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19-08-2014, 10:28 PM
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RE: Nipah Virus - Mega Brutal 3 Bio Symbols
What is the success rate with this? And thanks!
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20-08-2014, 02:41 AM
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RE: Nipah Virus - Mega Brutal 3 Bio Symbols
(19-08-2014 10:28 PM)PlagueIncF Wrote:  What is the success rate with this? And thanks!

Well, it sort of depends on your 5. Balancing Game and 6. End Game and whether you had some unlucky random variables and responded to them. I would argue that if your random variables (Greenland got infected, no Cold Countries Colder, etc) aren't bad and you balanced your End Game, you would be successful every time. There isn't a prescription that works for the End Game every time like most strats and scenarios because there is a ratio of infectivity/lethality to maintain that is different every game.
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