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Neurax Worm Scenario: Big Headed
23-08-2014, 09:31 PM (This post was last modified: 23-08-2014 10:41 PM by AnimalM5ba.)
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Neurax Worm Scenario: Big Headed
You are a highly attentive yet insecure strain of neural manipulating parasite that demands special psychological attention in the form of worship from its host. Will you charm your way to victory or will you wallow in a pit of your own arrogance?

Transmissions are the same. Symptoms differ.


Transcendants: Overdose of oxytocin and vasopressin forces host into a constant state of worship, accepting/treating the neurax worm as an eternal god.
(Pre Evolved)

Adoration: causes host to constantly think about the worm.
(Pre evolved)

Devotion: manipulates serotonin levels causing pleasure at the thought of spreading infection.
(Pre Evolved)

To moderately step up that kill rate without overdose

Blackouts: Occasional blackouts causes host a risk of death.

Aquiring more commonly positive use of corpse feeder yet still challenging.

Immune Suppression: body becomes more susceptible to other parasites and bacterial infections. Can be fatal.

and a link thrown in

Headaches: Causes people to become irritable and less productive

Pop ups:

Festival of Love celebrated in aid of the worm. Thousands expected to turn.

Protesters execute infected.

Festival of love a success!


Dont beleive the worm.

The worm is a lie!

WHO for the worm?

Why must it punish us?

Were the government worms all along?

Neurax Worm Scenario: Big Headed.
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24-08-2014, 11:18 PM
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RE: Neurax Worm Scenario: Big Headed
You have Adoration and Devotion switched.
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