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Cure Inc
27-08-2014, 10:38 AM
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Plague Inc Cure Inc
What about a special modality where you have to do a Cure for the Virus,Bacteria etc.?
linking an image:
PS= I'm sorry for the possible bad English,i'm Italian
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27-08-2014, 10:46 AM
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RE: Cure Inc
No worries, thanks for posting!

Something we hope to do at some stage (it's probably too technically complicated to be part of Plague inc. though)
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29-10-2014, 02:57 AM (This post was last modified: 29-10-2014 03:38 AM by gravyten521.)
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RE: Cure Inc
Just throwing out some thoughts.. When I say capital here it is the cure player's equivalent of DNA points

You should be able to play as a person who tries to warn the governments of the world about the plague and the governments at first ignore you. You do have a little capital to work with so lets say the cure player has the ability to every so often do blood tests. You choose a country like China to do a blood test in and if the plague player has infected that country then the plague is spotted. If it isn't there you lose credibility and capital. As the plague spreads and becomes more severe/lethal then the cure player will have more capital to work with since people are more alarmed. The cure player can do things like kill pigeons and give aid to poor countries just like in the random events. If the cure player has enough capital then they can even close ports. Closing ports should require a lot of capital but if there is a lot of alarm about the disease and Greenland shuts its port then the cure player is guaranteed victory. On the other hand a random event with animal ability allows you to spread the disease to another country so the plague player still has a chance to win.

The cure player also has the ability set up Z Com in the Zombie plague and to set up the cure centers with Simian flu. They also have the ability to make it so certain symptoms are easier to cure and to sterilize airports/ships just like in current random events. The cure player will also set a budget for cure research. The cure player also has the ability to bomb cities with infected people but this uses a lot of capital by making you look heartless.

The cure player will not be overpowered because he will be blind to information like infection rates except by spending capital on researching and also researching what abilities/symptoms ect. the plague has. So the cure and plague player will be trying to outmatch each other.

Another thing is that the cure player may get reports of something like coughing. He has the choice to investigate it but it may come back that the coughing is just the common cold. If the cure player raises alarms about it then he will look foolish. If the cure player is right he will get extra capital

To make it more interesting I guess the plague should be identifiable to the cure player once entire countries are infected. That way the cure player has something to work with. I do like the idea that the cure player is basically spending the early part of the game warning and everyone else in the world is skeptical, until the point where you can convince the WHO

The most fun would be with the zombie virus. From the very beginning of the game the cure player is preparing for the zombie apocalypse. He/she chooses between things like convincing more followers and buying anti-zombie equipment. When the Necora virus is spotted you get more capital in the form of donations and followers. You also get to train people so Z Com has upgrades just like the zombies get upgrades which consists of 1. fortifications 2. equipment (weapons) 3. training. You get more capital when WHO decides Necora is scary and a ton when the zombies come in. Also with all plagues cure player gets a ton of capital when people protest to get more funding for plague cure just like in the events that already happen in the game

The cure player with all the plagues also has the option to be compassionate or harsh or something in between. Compassionate would mean you give medicine/food/beds to the infected and harsh means bombing infected cities. Both get capital since compassionate gets charity and harsh means you have militias and fear mongering and bombing the infected and harsh also has xenophobia which could give cure victory if a port is shut down. Compassionate has advantages in that infected live longer. Paranoia and insanity will make things a lot harder but there are ways to manage it. With compassion you can keep people alive a bit longer until cure is done. You can't switch from compassion to harsh without huge penalty but you can go middle road which gives mediocre on both sides

One compassion ability example is giving researchers hope so they research cure faster and another lets you gain the trust of people with paranoid symptom, make symptoms less severe. A drawback of compassion is that you will be allowing sick and refugees in your country. You can close ports with compassion but only to prevent the disease from leaving, the same way the computer seems to do already, they close ports after 100% infection.

Harsh can give easy cure victories since you can just kill infected/close ports but with this strategy symptoms are not really treated so people die faster. The middle road has its advantages

I just read the thread the OP linked. Someone made a comment about Z-com

"Ps: You shouldn't control Z-com cause if you spawn one in China and one in India you just lost the game, unlike in groenland and island Tongue"

But controlling Z-com would be too much fun. Perhaps the cost of large countries would be simply too cost prohibitive so the cure player would be incentivized to go somewhere like Poland. The smaller the country the cheaper. For the Zombie scenario the ability to close off a country for the cure player wouldn't be that bad
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29-10-2014, 04:00 AM
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RE: Cure Inc
For competing plagues Neurax worm could work as cure inc. People would be too busy with the other plague to worry about Neurax and you can control scientists with transcendence. One player tries to exterminate humanity and the other tries to enslave it
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