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Bio Weapon Transmissions
27-08-2014, 10:42 AM (This post was last modified: 27-08-2014 10:52 AM by AnimalMan.)
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Bio Weapon Transmissions
Pesticide: Crops sprayed with pesticide infected with the bioweapon increase chance of transmission in unsanitary conditions.

Fertiliser: Fertiliser infected with bio weapon allows pathogen to bind with the crops molecular structure increasing the liklihood of consumption, increasing transmission chance.

GM Crops: Genetically modified crops ooze with pathogen significantly increasing transmission chance.

Emulsifiers: Chemical emulsifiers shelter pathogen making it less likely to be noticed whilst increasing transmission rates.

Air 1: Pathogen able to survive suspended on dust particles, increasing plane transmission

Air 2: Pathogen airborne able to survive high tech air transmission. Increases plane infectivity

Air 3: Pathogen deliberately emitted from aircraft, greatly increasing plane transmission can arise suspicion.

Drugs 1: Illegal street drugs more likly to contain pathogen increasing infection rates. Effective in rich areas and boat transmission

Drugs 2: Mass producted pain killers transmit pathogen
Increasing infection rates particularly in rich areas and boat transmission.

Drugs 3: Antibiotics and Medicines transmit pathogen. Greatly increasing infection rates in rich countries and boat transmission, pathogen harder to cure and significantly increases awareness of pathogen.

Contact 1: Pathogen able to transmit via first hand contact. Effective in urban areas.

Contact 2: Pathogen able to transmit via first hand contact.

Blood 1, Blood 2

Being a weapon I also think an option to evolve the pathogens inmunitys such as, ability to survive in chemically treated and polluted waters shld lead on too ability to survive prolonged exposure to nuclear radiation. Meaning the infection may still linger after nuclear attacks or the bombing of infected cities. Or reduces the impact they have.
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