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brain-eating amoeba plague(based on Naegleria fowleri)
27-08-2014, 04:11 PM
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Plague Inc brain-eating amoeba plague(based on Naegleria fowleri)
i sugger an amoeba plague,bassed on naegleria fowleri.its an very letal plague and the strategy is that you need to make the disease very infective or it will kill his host,because most sympthoms are letal.


-water 1: Pathogen can survive outside the body in water. Increase infectivity, especially in humid environments and ship transmission

-water 2: Pathogen able to survive in chemically treated water. Increase infectivity, especially in humid environments and ship transmission

-fómites 1:Pathogen survives away from a host, transmitted via external objects. Increases infectivity - especially in wealthy and urban environments

-fómites 2:Pathogen able to survive on increased variety of surfaces. Increases infectivity - especially in wealthy and urban environments

-hot water : the patogen eassily urvives in hot water.more dangerous in rich countryes

-stagnant water :the patogen stand in the bottom of stagnant wathers lke lakes or pools.

-extreme water transmisión(you need to buy all the other water transmisions):the patogen survives in all kind of water and elude all kind of wather treatmens or wather filters.

sympthoms(not in order):

-meningitis: inflammation of the meninges produced by amoeba infection That can be lethal

-encefalitis: set of diseases caused by inflammation of the brain. It can cause death

-meninoencefalitis: inflamation of brain and meninges that be letal in many cases

-blidness: primary visual cortex disconnected causing blindness. Significantly reduces awareness and causes fatal accidents

-stiffnes: the amoeba damages motor neurons and cause muscular stiffnes.can be letal in extreme cases and reduce infectivity

-dementia:amoeba causes brain damage that causes progressive loss of cognitive functions .Significantly harder to cure

-amnesia: a disorder of memory performance, during which the individual is unable to retain or retrieve information previously stored.very hard to cure

-faringitis: inflammation of the lining of the pharynx. Symptoms usually accompany it as difficult swallowing, swollen tonsils and a fever higher or lower

-fever: increase in body temperature above what is considered normal can cause fatal dehydration

-cefalea: aches and pains localized in different tissues of the cranial cavity, the structures that attach it to the base of the skull, muscles and blood vessels around the scalp, face and neck.reduce speed of future research

-coma: neuropathic effects in the brain stem cause loss of consciousness and sometimes death. Significantly harder to cure

-paralyse: the amoeba destroys motor neurons to cause paralysis. Significantly harder to cure and lethal.

-brain necrosis: the extreme neuronal dead causes an cathastrofic deat of brain thisue that causes a very fast death

-total brain death: complete and irreversible cessation of brain activity that causes complete cessation of bodily functions

Habilities:same of common infection but with the neuronal atrofia of the prion

sorry for my bad english,im spanish
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