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Random Events
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Random Events
I suggest more random events which could be applied to all game types.

Here are some,


Ukraine* joins the EU - Country more likly to co-operate with EU countries. (Can increase transmission between these countries and speed up the countries response to neighboring threats)

France* leaves the EU - Country Less likely to co-operate with other countrys (i.e shut borders, ports and airports, help research) Can reduce transmission between these countries and slow down responsiveness to neighboring threats

Canada, Mexico and America form the North American Union- Countries have shared economy and research funding. Wiping out an NAU country diverts its economy and research funding to remaining NAU countrys.

Peru* joins the NAU - Country shares economy and research funding.

China* reforms the Soviet Union - Encourages neighbouring countries to become more responsive to Soviet Union Countries, Increases transmission between these countries particularly by boat and air.

Kazakhstan* joins the Soviet Union - Becomes more responsive to countries within the union, Increasing transmission between these countries particularly by boat and air.


USSR Attacks the EU - Millions die in france*, can reduce economy and decrease transmission.

NAU economy falls - Reduces NAU's collective economy

NAU economy rise - Increases NAU's collective economy

World War - throws controversy over the pathogen reducing its severity aswell as global responsivness.

I also think that global fault lines should be applied making earthquakes a little less random.
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