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Hyper Psyker Plague(HPP)
08-09-2014, 05:16 PM (This post was last modified: 09-09-2014 10:32 AM by tau19182.)
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Hyper Psyker Plague(HPP)
Its my last plague idea-number 5.I am not going to invent any more plagues-just ''upgrade'' my old ideas.
Its a fun-plague,named HHP.
HPP is a strange pathogen,that feasts on water and specific "brain-waves' of humans.
A person,infected with this pathogen just drinks more and thinks more.Thats all.
But,the pathogen mutated,and needed more wave-energy and water.In order to get it,the pathogen started modifying the infected brains,to produce more and more brain-frequance waves...The result was,that some humans died of dihydration,and the others became psykers.
But,the humans couldn't fully controll there abilities,and it resulted in a world-wide catastophie.Imagine a pyro-maniac burning down a supermarket.Imagine a football player accidentally killing the goal-keeper.An architect tearing a scy-scraper out of the ground,and levitating it,only to see it fall down on a croud of humans in a titanic crash.An african teleporting 50 million tonns of water from the ocean...only to be crushed to death by the tsunami produced.A scool-boy freezing down his teacher.

Water 1-able to infect warm dirty water
Water 2-able to infect warm clean water
Water 3-able to infect cold clean water
Water 4-able to infect sea-water
Water 5-able to infect chemically treated water
Air 1,2,3
Birds 1,2,3
Blood 1,2,3
Tier 1
1.Thirst 1-infected needs more water
2.Thirst 2-infected starts drinking as much as his belly can carry
3.Thirst 3-the infected drinks any water he sees,even dirty(and infected)
4.Neural regulation 1-the brain neurons start working on full power
5.Neural regulation 2-the brain neurons become thicker and produce more brain-waves.
6.Neural regulation 3-the brain starts growing adittional neurons.
7.Neural regulation 4-the brain fills the scull-space with neuro-matter-the human feels a strange pressure in his head.The tips of the fingers become pale.
8.Neural regulation 5-the brain starts idly powering up all the additional neurons .The human starts fealing a strange sound in the back of his mind.
9.Neural regulation 6-the brain invents functions for the new neurons.The functions vary from human to human.The human becomes a psyker.Unlocks Tier 2

Tier 2:Thermic,Kinetic,Teleportation,Electricity,Light.

Each tier increases lethality,thanks to enormous numbers of accidents.

Thermic-thermo-psykers are very common in cold/hot countries,so this symtom is more effective in hot/cold countries .

10.Thermic 1-the human starts regulating the temperature,in a small scale, of neareby objects to a more comfortable.
12.Thermic 2-the human starts heating/freezing neareby small objects in a 10 celsius drop
13.Thermic 3-the human starts heating/freezing neareby medium objects in a 100 celcius drop
14.Thermic 4-the human starts heating/freezing large objects in sight range in a 500 celcius drop
15.Thermic 5-the human starts heating/freezing building-size objects in sight range in a 5000 celcius drop
16.Kinetic 1-the human can levitate/throw/crush/tear small objects that lie nearby.
17.Kinetic 2-the human can levitate/throw/crush/tear multiple medium objects that lie neareby
18.Kinetic 3-the human can levitate/throw/crush/tear multiple large objects in eye-sight
19.Kinetic 4-the human can levitate/throw/crush/tear single bulding sized objects in eye-sight
20Kinetic 5-the human can levitate/throw/crush/tear multiple building sized objects in eye-sight
21.Teleportation 1-the human can teleport small objects in a 10 meter radius
22.Teleportation 2-the human can teleport multiple small objects in a 100 meter radius
23.Teleportation 3-the human can teleport multiple medium objects in a 1000 meter radius
24.Teleportation 4-the human can teleport multiple large objects in a 100 km radius
25.Teleportation 5-the human can teleport multiple building sized objects to anywhere on Earth

Electricity-electropsykers a more common in rich countries,so this abilitie is more effective in rich countries.

26.Electricity 1-a human can electrify a neareby object with a few milli-wats of energy
27.Electricity 2-a human can electrify a neareby object with a few wats of energy
28.Electricity 3-a human can electrify an object in eyesight with a few kilo-wats of energy
29.Electricity 4-a human can electrify an object in eyesight with megawats of energy
30.Electricity 5-a human can electrify an object in eyesight with gigawats of energy
31.Light 1-a human can produce a small sphere of light/or darkness(no light zone)
32.Light 2-a human can produce a medium sphere of light/darkness
33.Light 3-a human can produce a large-street size sphere of light/darkness
34.Light 4-a human can produce a enormous sphere of light/darkness illuminating/shadowing a city
34.Light 5-a human can produce a titanic sphere of light/darkness illumimating/shadowing a small country-sized territory.

Tier 3(requires one level 5 research of Tier 2 symptom):Physics law manipulation
Physics 1-a human can change laws of physics in a small radius
Physics 2-a human can change laws of physics in a medium radius
Physics 3-a human can change laws of physics in a street-sized radius
Physics 4-a human can change laws of physics in a kilometer radius
Physics 5-a human can change laws of physics in dozens of kilometers

Abilities[New game mechanics included]
1)Darkness(1,2,3)-make a country dark for a period,to slow down psy-learning(cure research).The country is painted shadowy-black on the world map.
A targeted abilitie.
2)Teleport(1,2,3,4)- teleport some infected population into another countrie.
A double-targeted abilitie.Two wirls appear on the world map-in the two targeted countries.
3)Low-gravity(1,2)- low down the gravity on the planet to increase plane numbers.
A "tap the button'' ability.Lots of planes start flying on the world map.
4)Meteorite-throw a large chunk of debries onto a countrie and create massive mayhem!Target a contry,than start fast-clicking a ''power-meter''.The more taps-per 20 second you produced,the more mayhem the abilitie creates.
5)Tsunami-choose a near-water countrie,than tap it again-watch it being covered in a layer of water!
Instead of finding a cure,humans a trying to controll the psy-powers.So,if you loose,Earth will turn into a "Wizard planet''
Special genes
1)Plasma- thermopsykers become able to create hot plasma
2)Tesla- electropsykers become able to manipulate terrawats of energy
3)Portal- teleportpsykers become more powerfull
4)Einstein- manipulation of physics laws is more effective
5)Helios- manipulation of light is more effective

The enemy may build psyco-blockers.Destroy them!

More mad stuff coming soon)
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09-10-2014, 03:46 PM
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RE: Hyper Psyker Plague(HPP)
it sunk
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23-08-2015, 08:49 AM (This post was last modified: 23-08-2015 08:49 AM by tau19182.)
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RE: Hyper Psyker Plague(HPP)
A new Harry Potter universe film is coming."Fantastic Beasts...".
I think,that it will raise the popularity of "magic" themed games for some time.
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16-09-2015, 07:24 AM
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RE: Hyper Psyker Plague(HPP)
Don't really see how this would look like in-game
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