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Screenshots, Air/Plane Transmission Bug
16-09-2014, 08:37 PM (This post was last modified: 16-09-2014 09:10 PM by AnimalM5ba.)
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Screenshots, Air/Plane Transmission Bug
Screens First, Just coz this editor is wicked.

Pathogen begins with Plant I and Superpositioning. Land Transmission is fast and furious but still handleable. TMV is harmless and humans have antibodies to defend against it as a result infection is rare, a few in a million, its relation strains on the other hand are not so harmless, these will be where we get our symptoms from. TMV uses humans and animals as a vector. Naturally TMV can be carried by smokers within the lungs of inhailed tobacco or on the hands, The antibodies created by the body to defend against it and actually help prevent parkinsons. TMV-Q is a more violent strain of TMV that gains acsess to the body by means of randomly super positioning itself into an organism or consumption/inhailation of infected material, although infection rates are extremely rare and sparsely fatal, it has the ability to superposition around the globe and the liklihood of randomly positioning itself within a plant or vector is extremely common. But person to peson infection rates are low until the correct symptoms/transmissions are evolved and superpositioning in rare cases can be fatal.

Due to TMV-Qs nature, it is hard to detect and hard to manipulate, If the virus is discovered, the cure progress moves rapidly unless prevented.

Most of your DNA income is made within the first few minuetes, so wise spending is required, although TMV-Q is a virus it is relatively stable and mutations are less common than other virus types but still more common than other pathogens.

Plant III unlocks fomite, from fomite human vector reproduction is available. This is where most symptoms fatal come from.

Basic symptoms before evolution are coughing lines and paranoia lines. But no signifcantly fatals.

[Image: 2014_09_16_00001.jpg]

[Image: 2014_09_16_00002.jpg]

Above: Urgo unlocks Blood, Blood unlocks Anemia - Haemorage line

Below: Gastro Unlocks Nausea - Dysentry line, Tick Unlocks Rash - Necrosis line

[Image: 2014_09_16_00006.jpg]

[Image: 2014_09_16_00015.jpg]

[Image: 2014_09_16_00010.jpg]

I noticed Air/Water transmission are not working. I tested with both on and off.

When URGOGENITAL is evolved it unlocks blood, the arrangement i have in the image above fixed a previous problem where if blood required urgo but was connected(not required) to saliva then its connection i.e saliva would override its Urgo requirement and become available when saliva is evolved.. Its a complex issue, hard to explain, i hope you understand.

[Image: 2014_09_16_00016.jpg]

Image above is air transmission/water not working
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