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[The Truth] End
13-10-2014, 08:19 PM (This post was last modified: 13-10-2014 08:33 PM by ShadowSi9ce.)
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[The Truth] End
We only we destroy the Planet Earth we are a plague to this planet, He is tired of us, with this He has created cures to stop us, we call these cures disease, when the planet creates a healing for us, we evolved and were immune to this healing, with this Planet took a extreme decision, we are the second worst plague of all, the worst of all is ShadowSick this disease almost killed the planet for billions of years ago.
ShadowSick: this disease has a sick mind tries anyway torturing your enemy, but the only explanation for Sahdow is that this disease will bring chaos and darkness, but this disease is not fatal, the disease can only control water wind and earth and his weakness is heat, is weak against high temperatures so it is stuck in the planet’s core. Planet Earth freed S.S however was shocked to see that he does not quit within the core and just kept moving from one side to the other, to see that the planet several times left out S.S and thinking of a way to exterminate humans, but S.S just wanted privacy to create your plan when planet earth left side of S.S he hid himself and created a great plan and put it into practice.
A brief example, we are the planet our residents are cells/animals they are beneficial, but nothing comes of a disease/human he begins to live in us but he lives in a nasty way in destroying us and we created a cure for it and he calls the healing of disease.
S.S created Alza54 left as the core of the planet she met all seven diseases that exist and joined them with Alza54 it evolved into Changeable which gave origin for Trax11. This happened two more times, S.S created Zax35 unexpectedly turned downward resulted in Drex11, S.S Created Crx15 that meet the volcanic ash cloud turned that gave rise to Zetrax11.
Unexpectedly these three diseases have joined and evolved into Shadonix. (Trax11, Drex11, Zetrax11).
Shadonix is a perfect disease has its own characteristics in harmony.
C= Contamination.
D= Danger.
L= Lethality.
I= Intelligence. Down
Example. Picture
Shadonix returned to the core and joined with S.S evolving to S.S.O.A ShadowSick Omega Armageddon.
But before that these 10 diseases taking S.S and S.S.O.A were doing their part one at a time was reduced to life on planet earth until 3,5 billion remains.
With this science has evolved and no disease would be capable against humans but S.S.O.A only have failure like him and made from all kinds of disease would be easy to cure it, however S.S.O.A evolved a perfect way hindering the whole process the only way to cure it would be if humans finish him by parts.
It is made of seven types each type destroyed it lose some of the characteristic and 3 when the 7 types are destroyed only remnants S.S.
When this happens only remained 100 women and 100men.
With This S.S chose direction and left the planet and left message.
I am sovereign but like to play with my enemy let humans live to begin to torture you again however this time they are much evolved and their techniques will not work.
Now there is not disease that kills humans!
Goodbye I like to play with you Big Grin.
This story had half beginning and end but turn a game mode you can choose the start and middle and end order you want.
Sorry for spelling errors.
Images soon.

Need to find the Shadonix.
I'm mr. lonely,
I have nobody,
For my own.
hahahahahah ;w;

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14-10-2014, 11:08 AM
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RE: [The Truth] End
C red
D blue
L black
I green
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