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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
31-03-2014, 04:22 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues

Thanks for your answer
Yes i evolve the cold 1 resistance and mummification immediatly after the pop up (i click ok on the message, pause the game then evolve the two abilities and then unpause the game but allways got the pop up expedition sucessfull)

What i'm doing is simple
I'm starting in Egypt
I only evolve Salivia 1 and Heat 1 under 60 days
got the first pop up
I don't evolve anything else, i'm waiting unitil the cure is like 40%
Then i evolve Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Delirium and Cytophatic Reanimation
After that i'm waiting for the pop up saying "Necroa Virus may have come from Pyramid of Giza"
I'm still waiting the next pop up saying "link to Giza" and i evolve immediatly cold 1 resistance and Mummification

But the only pop up i got after is "Expedition is Sucessfull"

So i really don't know what im doing wrong for not have the pop up saying the expedition as failed
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