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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
07-04-2014, 09:38 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
(07-04-2014 09:14 PM)Veral42 Wrote:  
(07-04-2014 07:49 PM)Rocketeer Raccoon Wrote:  I've got a minor bug, I've unlocked all the genes but my game crashed along the way of getting them and now the completion percentage is incorrect, it should be 100%, not 83%. Undecided

[Image: 1024x576.resizedimage]

Not necessarily, you need to also open up Necroa Virus and confirm that you've unlocked al the zombie-specific genes as well in order to get 100%. Your screen actually looks to be just about right for having all the genes minus the Necroa Virus ones. Check and then post back if you're still having an issue, maybe with a Necroa screencap.

Oh ok, I didn't know that. Well I've checked Necroa Virus and you are right, there are 5 more genes that I did not know about that are exclusive to the Necroa Virus and as I can guess can only be unlocked by finishing a game on Necroa Virus.

False alarm. Rolleyes
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