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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
10-04-2014, 05:26 AM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
This is no bug but an issue.
I played Plague Inc. since 2012, but I noticed how different the Necroa Virus is on mobile/tablet and PC.
On the mobile version, there used to be enough points to make it through a game.
On PC I am having difficulties with this. Usually, when evolving Cytopathic Reanimation, you gain DNA points due to the population dying, and more when evolving Anaerobic Rescusitation, and so on, giving you a fair advantage of points to fight Z-COM and being able to send hordes through the world to reach lone countries. On PC I can't manage to get enough DNA points after a while and I will get stuck most of the time.
Will you please add this gain of points back into the game, aswell as the waves of points awarded during massacres and slaughters?


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