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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
24-06-2014, 07:38 AM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
(23-06-2014 11:41 AM)Amancham Wrote:  Okay. This happened two or three times to me now, and I kinda think it's a bug. The first time it really startled me XD
While playing a plague and happily killing humanity, close before the end when most people are already dead (like 95%), I suddenly get a pop up reading saying:

Quote:Spontaneous infection of {country}
{plague name} has somehow managed to infect {country}!

(note: {} = place holder. The popup tells me whatever plague name I used and whatever country it is this time. It's different countries every time*g*)

Now ... I had the popup saying that there are no healthy humans left on earth before. The cure is at somewhat 70% or so and never made it to completion. When looking at the world overview, it tells me that whatever country has been supposedly spontaneously infected, is actually completely dead, and it was the first to die.

So I'm guessing the pop up should rather be something like 'plague has successfully killed xxx' or something along those lines? The first time it just really startled me because I thought I had missed some godforsaken island again (it was the Caribbean, if I recall correctly)

Just thought I'd mention it.

Appreciate you mentioning it and also giving us info. We'll look into it.
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