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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
01-07-2014, 09:32 AM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
(30-06-2014 12:44 PM)Patient Zero Wrote:  Guys I've got a weird bug, I played Created Equal and I start in Egypt. After some time there's a disaster(forgot) that strikes Iceland and kills 700 people. After that, a popup says: "NEW MINOR DISEASE FOUND IN ICELAND" and then I smashed my head into the keyboard

(25-05-2014 02:22 PM)Diacelium Wrote:  On nanovirus, it is told that there is a autodestruction system, but in game, no autodestruction system.
Is it a bug?
Did you mean the kill switch? It was the kill switch to kill the virus not the victim

We'll look into it. Thanks for letting us know.
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