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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
20-07-2014, 05:52 AM
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Biohazard RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
You can play through a game, even on casual, save it when there are a paltry 10-20k humans remaining to wipe out, then simply reload it over and over to unlock all the pre-start genetic modifications.

(You do have to specifically do this with certain disease types to get their unique unlocks, for example the Simian Flu's two special disease trees.)

Given that a particular game doesn't really take that long, I would suggest (and tell players this when they try to quit mid game) that the game somehow flag itself as a loaded game and simply not give a genetic mod unlock. In fact that's the only thing you'd need to suppress. If they are playing on normal, let them unlock the next disease; Brutal and mega-brutal gives credit as needed, these are all single time achievements.
(You can do a little bit of fiddling to get achievements like saving the game once you are fully infected with everyone's favorite neural worm, then pushing over to max lethality or total control, or triggering nuclear attack against Russia or China when everything is initially set, but those are minor things and don't affect gameplay).
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