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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
16-10-2014, 12:07 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
Hi ; first, i want to apologize for my English : I'm French, so, i'm sorry if it's hard to understand me. Tell me if i'm not clear. Then :

I noticed a graphic bug ; it happens sometimes after informations poped up or after you go on disease menu... Not every time, just sometimes. The map turn like in a deep green cloud :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00001.jpg?w=584]

If another information poped up, the cloud turn white until you click on the information :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00002.jpg?w=584]

And it makes the red spots disapear in the countrys.

Here's another kind of this bug : after an information or after the menu, the colors changes and the red spots turn purple-ish, like this :

=> just before the bug :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00015.jpg?w=584]

and just after :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00016.jpg?w=584]

And, again, if another onformation poped up, it turns white, like this :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00017.jpg?w=584]

You can reset the map if you hit "alt + tab" to minimize the window, and open it again, but majority of the red spots doesnt appears again, like this :

[Image: 2014-10-16_00018.jpg?w=584]

I this screen, the spots are not here anymore, but in fact, some of them - Russia, France, and south america if I remember - poped up again, like the disease was expansing. The all world was infected, but only these spots appears.

It look like an old bug ; i've seen Hollow mentioned it in this topic post #3, and Alsniper in this topic, post #122. But, in my case, it happens in game, even if I didnt hit Alt + tab ; in fact, Alt + Tab seems to reset the map.

If the bug is known, sorry to bothering you ; if you know how to fix it, I would be happy to learn how, because it's kind of a "fun killer" bug Wink

And thx for your game Wink
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