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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
02-03-2014, 03:24 PM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2014 04:30 PM by Hollow.)
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Plague Inc RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
I also have no Biohazard signs, eventhough I beat the disease.
Also, in Nano-Virus, the replicators don't actually work for weeks, but only for a couple of days, however, if you evolve the Cure Overload first, and like a day after the Replicator Overload, the Cure Overload will work for at least 2 weeks, but no longer. The Replicator Overload will work for approximately a week, no longer.

The Biohazard/Heart icon in the lower screen statusbar don't work properly. Once infected a country, it will only show the Biohazard icon, no matter if the country is infected or not.

I also managed to be able to play with EVERY Genetic Code, even if they are locked.
If I just double-click them in the Genetic Code list, they will become activated, and work in-game.

Also, here is a screenshot of unlocking the Necroa Virus.

[Image: Plague_Inc_Bug_4.png]

When clicking the Necroa Virus after completion, it will show you the message of non-availability, and safely, go back to the last Disease you played with.

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