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Traducción en ingles mi idea.
18-12-2014, 08:12 PM
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Traducción en ingles mi idea.
Hello I would like it since already I have said that should enter the possibility of adding to the game the virus chimera, the origins of the virus chimera comes from a meteorite, is a virus capable of mutating his DNA "chimera" with of him infected, in this case the human beings, treats itself about an extraterrestrial lethal virus, mutates with facility and almost it is unstoppable, it is said that it came from a very distant universe of a very advanced place, this virus is so strange that the majority of his composition is a mystery And it is a virus that goes out in the famous saga of Playstation3 Fall of Man, resistance2 and resistance3, initially there was thought that it was a virus developed and created by the Russians but to distrust to this theory thanks to the annotations of a doctor that to dedicated all his determination in knowing more brings over of the virus here I copy mas on the virus:
The virus chimera and the origin of believed itself that the virus chimera was created by human beings as biological weapon. Until in Resistance 3 between events of the game and Malikov's Diaries it is known that the virus chimera came across a meteorite (with the virus in) giving reference and making clear that the virus is extraterrestrial. The virus chimera has as function transform the individual into a species of hybrid, fusing the DNA Chimera with that of the human beings.
In Resistance 3, there is discovered that the chimeras are extraterrestrial beings who come from another part of the universe. As well as it is known that actually the virus comes out of our atmosphere and that it is not a human creation, the quimeras lived the land million of years before the human beings existed, they had established his towers and had populated the world. Until something or someone forced them to leave of the planet, burying his towers and without leaving track of them. The chimeras, driven to despair, threw a virus across a meteorite that smashed in Russia. Spreading this way the virus and returning to the Earth...It is possible to think that the quimeras were on the verge of being deceased and desperadoes threw his virus to repopulate what once was his planet. It is not known still that it was what expelled to the chimeras million of years behind, but they mention in Malikov's diary that could be another foreign race) it is said also in the game that the quimeras to the being a very powerful race already have many planets infected and dominated by them. On having finished Resistance 2, when Nathan Hale defeats Daedalus and destroys the center of control of the chimeras, this event provoked that all the towers of the world were activated, and one of them, principally, in New York, opened a hole of worm where two strange worlds are seen. Nathan Pulls he says to Joseph " do you hear them? They are calling us... It is beautiful " Pull one says to these chimeras that once they were in the Earth, " The pure chimeras ". The aim of this hole of worm and of this tower is to freeze to the world (since the metabolism of the chimeras is so intensive that his corporal temperature increases and they need from the cold to survive)In order that the pure chimeras could enter and return to conquer the Earth. Action that Joseph Capelli avoids destroying the tower and " saving to the world ", though in the Earth they remain only 10 % of human beings and 90 % of chimeras.

Super good would be to include this virus and that the humanity has to do the possible thing for the invasion avoids chimera, and that the aim of the virus Is to turn the human beings into chimeras to fight against the human beings and to spread this way the virus, to prevent them from finding one he recovers and to extinguish the humanity. If you want I give you more details but I have a couple of symptoms and skills in mind that I would like that it was included in case you like my idea or to give you an idea of how it might be and to give fruit to your imagination these are:

Symptoms: primary effect: the immunological system of the body avoids somehow to initiate the metamorphosis in chimera, the human beings acquire a yellow sheen in the eyes and acquire superhuman skills of combats, aim and speed (the superhuman ones are born) The placed symptom above he would benefit the human beings since they would acquire the only skills without being influenced by the virus.
Symptom: control consents: the virus is capable of controlling the human beings to expand the infection and that start being revealed against them themselves.
Symptom: metamorfosis1: to the subject it is started falling the skin, the nails, the hair, and strong headaches are created.
Symptom: metamorfosis2: the virus mutates the DNA of the subject and this gives as result that the body starts mutating, the muscles of the subject are strengthened, increase his volume and acquire force making them more dangerous.
Symptom: metamorfosis3: the virus mutates the DNA of the subject mas aggressively doing that suffer transformations in the cranium in the torso and the extremities up to such a point that already almost he does not still have human DNA (begins to turn out to be hybrid in the planet)
And you will think since it might against the human beings attack? Here it begins the resistance. One of the protocols of the humanity might belong create a special unit for example ProyectoQ; in that military corporations of the whole world believe a few special units of "superhuman" soldiers who have been infected by the virus chimera acquiring big skills of combat speed and aim to resist the hybrid threat and to protect the cities.
Of side to mutate or to evolve the virus with the symptom: primary effect in opposite case if at the moment it is not like that military men will open with experience in combat and drones to that the infected beneficiaries will be added)

Also the military groups might capture to infected defenseless or infected aggressive to accelerate he treats it, to know mas to the hybrids and his weak points

The human beings also might against attacking assaulting Towers, liberating infected in the centers of conversion and appropriating of the technology chimera.

And now some skills for if you are interested in it and gives you an idea.
Skill: Tower chimera: the towers chimeras go out of the land and the hybrids congregate in them, take to subjects infected to assure the metamorphosis (this skill it can be active) in order that the user raises a tower where there is more hybrid presence.
Skill: center of conversion: the hybrids believe centers of conversion in the towers and there create "serfs" (less advanced hybrids) that they take charge bringing infected, in the centers of conversion they wrap the infected ones in "vine-stocks" to accelerate the process of metamorphosis and to create hybrids with more facility and more outposts.
(It place was staying to this skill)
Skill: I centre arms: the hybrids created in vine-stocks in the centers of conversion are more advanced and aggressive and lack human aspect, in the center arms believe themselves " you arm chimera " with that the hybrids are compared to attack the human beings and acquire skills of combat " " the threat begins chimera in order to eradicate to the surviving human beings "
(what would give place to the skill)
Skill beehive: the virus is capable of communicating with the armed hybrids in order that they should gather in crowds and attack to military bases and countries where human presence stays (this one might be an active skill to open chimeras across "
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