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IZA: Instant Zombie Action! (Complete Scenario)
20-12-2014, 02:45 PM
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DNA IZA: Instant Zombie Action! (Complete Scenario)

"Immediately start with zombies from the first person on that you infect.
No time to waste, make sure you spread your zombies around the world before Z-Com deploys it's bases out in too many countries or before there is a cure, because not enough zombies means a loss!
The cure takes some time to be developed, and chances are that you will have to keep moving and reanimating Zombies because of heavy forces deployed by either Z-Com and/or the countries' civillians, as Demolition Squads, Zombie Cage Traps, Tanks and Missiles will be used against your army of undead.

This Scenario is for advanced players who know how to respond quick and act cool to chaotic situations.

This Scenario will be updated to have more resistance thrown into the scene, and maybe even more.

Please Rate if you like it!"

Link to Steam Workshop

Instant Zombie Action, or IZA, is a Scenario where you start off with one zombie.
To win, you have to play fast and keep moving, as countries will use actual military forces against you and will only grow stronger over time.
This Scenario is unlike any other Custom or even Official Scenario out there because in IZA you cannot wait. (Or at least, not playing on highspeed in Mega-Brutal. Wink )

Military and Funding:
[Image: Screenshot73344.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot691328.png]

Countries will use assault weapons, tanks, rockets, grenades and Zombie Cage Traps (ZCTs) to try and stop your army of undead from devouring their loved ones and the ones who live beside them in their country.
The longer they are patrolling, the harder they become to kill and destroy.
The Newsheadlines will also show you what country is using what countermeasures, and how much researchfunding they have committed to.

Z Com and other features:
[Image: Screenshot32676.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot72939.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot617509.png]
[Image: Screenshot31849.jpg]

Z Com will practically immediately start deploying once your first zombies are in the game.
Z Com can be defeated of course, but remember to act fast, for they will use tanks, missiles and grenades aswell.
Aswell as those countermeasures, Z Com will additionally deploy Demolition Squads in the country they deploy their base.
As soon as Z Com is fully militarized, the civilians will fight along with them, making it even harder for you to destroy their country.

Countries can also fall into panic, and be made an easier prey if you know-how.
There's also the 'Kissing ban', which also applies to most countries, reducing infections, but there will always be people who can't stand to not-kiss. Wink
At a certain point, if a country is strong enough, it can find ways to repel 'brutal zombies' with certain Symptoms, make sure to increase your number of undead in those countries or you might just fall.
There's also a 'secret combo', which I won't spoil, but it requires some work to find that one out.

This Scenario was rated 4-stars before, but I had to re-upload it, so those who have played it, please Rate again if you will. Smile

Let me know if you like the Scenario, and if there are any problems or suggestions.

(Older) Gameplay Video from last week.

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