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Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
30-12-2014, 03:46 PM
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RE: Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
I think you should keep in mind the separation of gameplay and realism. In a lot of cases being 100% realistic means making a game that's either extremely difficult or not a lot of fun, which is why there are often games that aren't completely realistic, but close enough to the mark. It's all for the sake of keeping the game playable and enjoyable.

If one had to re-infect every single person in the game whenever they evolved or mutated anything new, it would take much longer for games to finish and consequently give a massive difficulty jump, being especially punishing on those who play on higher difficulties.

And considering how cutthroat Mega Brutal can be, I don't think making things more realistic would be a good idea. You'd have to fight tooth and nail to evolve your symptoms, re-infecting everyone every single time (and keeping in mind how quickly countries can develop a cure if you're not quick to take them out...)

There's also the programming toil implementing this change would be, as anyone tasked with implementing this would have to find a way to clearly separate people uninfected, people infected but with a less recent strain, and people infected with the most recent strain. The more symptoms evolved or mutated, the bigger mess you would have and the worse off you would be trying to distinguish everyone on the world map.

It'd be a catastrophic mess, so I think dealing with a smidgen of unrealistic elements is better than having to deal with the consequences of being strictly realistic.
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