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Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
31-12-2014, 09:23 AM
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RE: Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
(30-12-2014 01:04 PM)Festering Lesion Wrote:  Hello,

I have been considering buying this game.

I have been playing the free app game Infection 2 which I believe is a straight copy of this game as far as I know. Unless you tell me otherwise I think they are essentially identical as far as basic gameplay mechanics go.

A fundamental aspect of the game is to upgrade/mutate your pathogen with DNA points gained by a number of ways. Mutation of pathogens (or any other life forms) do happen in real life of course, but the way mutation "upgrades" spread in this game is so removed from reality that you may as well call it fantasy and a real immersion killer.

The problem with the way mutations work in this game is that once a player "upgrades"/mutates the pathogen, the effects of that mutation apparently instantaneously spread around the world and affect every infected person around the world immediately. That is so unrealistic and divorced from anything in reality it is kind of stupid.

If the game was true to the mechanics of how pathogens actually mutate and spread, then the mutation would occur within ONE infected individual somewhere in the world and then that infected individual would then go on to infect/reinfect everyone else like it does when you start the game.

I don't think this would necessarily make the game any less fun.

It certainly would give players a much more realistic simulation of how pathogens infect and spread.

Comments welcome


PS: Can anyone tell me what I am missing out on if I just stick to playing Infection 2 on my iPhone?

If the pathogenes share the same mutator-controller,than they 'decide' the same thing simultaniously...As I said in my UBER VIRUS. topic...
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