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New Plague Type: Transformation Pathogen
01-01-2015, 02:36 PM
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Plague Inc New Plague Type: Transformation Pathogen
I have an idea for a pathogen (type independant) that transforms human lifeforms to a different one without killing them.

As i posted in the Scenatio Crator thread, I'm creating a Pathogen based on the Necroa-Virus, that is supposed to Transform Humans into Dragons (Zombies), but I don't like the Dragons as well as the Humans dying off, because the condition of Zombie creation is that the Pathogen needs to be lethal. Even if the game is about killing and wipe out Humanity (well, not 100%), I would really like to use a plague that transforms without losing lifes (the lethaity bar in th palgue screen could be replaced with the muation chance or something else).

Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities should be the choice of Ndemic.

This plague should also be available in the Scenario Creator as a Template.

Where does it come from: Either an Experemintation failure or a natural infection.

Country: User dependant.

What is the destiny: To turn humamity into a better lifeform but not human.

The actions of the governments: Humans that are not infected try to escape into space or buid underground bunkers where they hide and build up cure research centres if all others are destroyed.

Active abilities: Revive if the humans start killing the transformed lifeforms, because they are also still an infection carrier.
Transform-overclocking: like at the Nanovirus with the replicator the Transformation process will take a much shorter time.

Personal suggestion: Please DO NOT make this pathogen lethal!

I hope you like this a idea and bring it into an new update.
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