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New Plague Type: Transformation Pathogen
07-01-2015, 03:43 PM
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Plague Inc RE: New Plague Type: Transformation Pathogen
Yes, I made a scenario where the destiny is to turn all humans into dragons. It's not publised yet because I'm still working on the descriptions of the pathogen traits.

The story behind this is that in the late future, approximatrely 2050, the humans found a DNA-Mod that can be used in cloning machines to synthesize Dragons for the first time. By the time they will be kept alive, the government (country independant) want to enslave all Dragons, turing them into weapons to solve the question "How can we stop global terrorism ?". But the plan fails because a young Dragon (Player of the scenario) intruded into a secret archive of the government and found out about the enslave plan. Later he gets spotted during publishing a global warning to all Dragons about the plan, and he gets sentenced to death instantly. Several dayys before his death, other Dragons located him in a prison and helped him break out without getting spotted. During the process the anger against humanity in the head of the young Dragon exploded and he plans to destroy all lives except Dragons. The first thougt was:"I'm going to take control over a clone machine and make my army" which succeded. He intruded into a lab, killed all scientists ant took control over the machine. Unfortuneately at the attempt to synthesize a dragon, a system failure occurs and instead of a body, the machine creates a non-mutating virus with a superstable DNA. It has the ability to communicate with the dragon through computer electronics. So the second thougt is:"I'm assigning the virus to infect all humans...and make the into Dragons!!!". Before a police team that arrived at the lab could find the Dragon, he left already and hide himself into a bunker, cutted off from the outside. With the computer stolen from the lab, the Dragon is able to evolve traits to the virus that make it more infectious, severe and lethal (because the Zombie condition is a lethal pathogen). The problem is: the code injection for evolving is very hard to learn, so he needs to learn which code does what (this is the point where 9 abilities in the scenario need to be evolved to gather acces to the main abilities, symptoms and transmission evolution grid).
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