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More customizability for Scenario Creator
12-01-2015, 04:28 PM
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DNA More customizability for Scenario Creator
1. (IMPORTANT) Make the color of the infection selectable. Thus it is possible to make a "Mutation Virus" and the dots appear in the world are colored in dark green or so. It would be also possible to make Simian Flu's dots being colored bright red, just like in the movie.
2. (Somewhat Important) Add an "Advanced Plague Type": With this mode enabled, the selected plague type ONLY affects the rendering. The characteristics of pathogens can all be customized.
For Example: In each mutation virus's mutation trigger raises by 10% meaning the next mutation will take 10% more time to happen; for other pathogens the percentage is 50%. Make it so one can now customize these characteristics without having to make the pathogen "Virus" or "Not Virus".
Bonus: give a check box of "Enable Zombies" and "Disable Zombies", also applies to apes and torjan planes(whatever spelling it is).
Bonabonus: make zombies and apes being able to appear together.
3. (Not quite important)Change the icon, font color and text displayed for "Zombies" and "Apes". It would be good if one can make apes into other animals, or change the zombies' icon into "Mutants".

With these abilities to customize your disease, you can make:
1. Make cats revolt against humans
2. Make a "Mutant Virus" or "Herobrine Virus" where all humans becomes mutants with dark green dots around the world
3. Make a religion prion simply changing the color of dots appearing to White and don't apply any direct lethality to infected
4. Make "Intelligent Zombies": use Event Lab to turn certain zombie population into ape population... and change the icon and text of "Ape" into "Intelligent Zombies"... Intelligent zombie colony, you know;
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