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Fungus Help
19-06-2015, 10:53 PM
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RE: Fungus Help
(13-06-2015 04:47 AM)DemonicAtom Wrote:  You didn't need to upgrade any symptoms, just upgrade some transmission and abilities. When a notification pops up that tells the world has no healthy people, then you start to upgrade these symptoms. If symptoms upgraded itself when some peoples are healthy, you need to devolve it unless AI starts the cure. It's also save DNA Points to upgrade to total organ failure. I used this strategy and it worked well, I passed all of the plague with this strategy, and finished the game at approximately 5 hours (including special ones also). You can start in India or China. But I prefer China. And plus you can upgrade Air and Water at transmission. Also birds. And some heat and cold resistance, and also drug resistance.

Strategy that I have posted is made to win really fast, aproximately in 200 days+- but you can also use your strategy where you dont upgrade any symptoms but you wont earn any good score or time. Btw symptoms helps you to speed up infection rates and boost your DNA gains by increasing severity.
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